Deck interpretation

Under the cover of grey sky and dark clouds, a man bent his head and died miserably under ten swords on his back. One of them goes through the plug part, and the whole picture is shocking. Sword ten is a bad card. Its meaning is very negative, including pain, sadness, pain and other uncomfortable emotions. Meanwhile, the sword ten represents all comparisons “ Excessive ” The situation! It symbolizes the consequences of the lack and development of all things. The highlight of this card is that a man wears a red robe, symbolizing his love for life; But the white belly in the distance is telling people that the darkness will pass soon; The level of the roadside is calm, which is different from other pictures of turbulent water in this group of cards. It indicates that things may not be as bad as expected. The one in the dark has died, and the one in the dawn is reborn.

Interpretation of brand meaning

Maybe sword ten is a bit unlucky card, because in the waite system, the person in the card is stabbed to death or suffering by ten swords, which is usually the case. The appearance of this card also represents an end, or the current progress of things is seriously hindered and cannot continue. The discussion on the spiritual level represents a certain degree of stopping or ending, which can be the stopping or ending of previous beliefs for some reason. Although this card is not very good, it can also be regarded as a temporary rest period before evolution, a good period to return to zero. It can also be said that this card can also mean good. However, when inferring, you still need to cooperate with other cards to understand, because this card is too bloody, so it is not easy to make a direct judgment.

Positive meaning

  • I have been very distressed and couldn't find a way out.
  • Hope everything is over, negative.
  • Facing or having suffered a disastrous defeat.
  • A tragic and lonely fate.

Sword 10, is dead. In the picture, a person falls down. Death means that there is no chance and no possibility. But on the other hand, it also means that he is no longer disturbed by the threat of death. There is no pain and relief. It means that although the event may end with dissatisfaction, it is an end after all. Although the process is painful, it is also a relief. The gesture in the picture is similar to that of the papal card, which may have left a foreshadowing. It may hope to seek salvation through the power of religion, and the afterlife can be better; Or maybe he had experienced a dying struggle before he died, but he could not wait for help. He felt the deepest hopelessness and no turning point, and the final fate was still the end. Sword 10 may be that gossip cannot be justified, a hundred words cannot be argued, and cannot turn over. It may also be that you did something wrong and were criticized and did not give you a chance to repent.

Meaning of corresponding life at all levels

  • Love: the emotional road has reached a low stage and needs a new start. Sometimes ten symbolizes the omen of breaking up, ending yesterday's relationship and devoting to another new relationship.
  • Wealth: it may be an opportunity to leap into the dragon's gate. Although the past financial situation was poor, the turning point of life was about to begin. We should seize the opportunity immediately.
  • Career: just as the saying goes: good times turn out to be good. The haze of the past will be cleared away. Now you are about to face a change. The past adversity can be regarded as a kind of training, and you will be more comfortable in dealing with things in the future.
  • Appearance: now you may be suffering from some spiritual pain, so it shows a kind of twilight.
  • Health: this card indicates spinal cord problems or stiff neck. Your recent life is a little dull. You'd better find some opportunities to face the outdoors.

Inverse meaning

  • There is a chance of instant success.
  • There is hope of a comeback.
  • There is a possibility of improvement.

The inverted sword 10, the distant morning light is white, may be able to usher in a new life and start over. Fate tells you a dead end and opens a new path for you. Cut down and practice again, and slowly come out of the previous despair and start over again (but the previous pain is still there). The implication of Baojian 10 in the reverse position is almost the same as that in the positive position, but the reverse position Baojian 10 has a little more sense of starting from the beginning than that in the positive position. It can also be said that the current situation is so bad that it cannot be worse. Now that it has reached the bottom of the valley, we should simply look for a new direction to start over. There is a feeling that things will turn when they reach the extreme.

Meaning of corresponding life at all levels

  • Love: since you have reached the bottom of the valley, why stay here? But nothing will improve naturally. Now you have to take your own steps to find a new start.
  • Wealth: there is no free lunch in the world. There is an opportunity to make money, but the money will not fall from the sky. As the saying goes: stealing a chicken also requires a handful of rice!
  • Career: Although you are in difficulties, you can take a breather for a while. You should take advantage of this opportunity to make a new face. New development can come naturally. If you relax, everything will go back to the old way.
  • Appearance: it's windy to walk! Full of expectations for the new life, showing confidence and vitality when doing things.
  • Health: have difficulty in swallowing the esophagus, so avoid overeating at this time. In addition, tobacco and alcohol should also be extra abstemious, which is easy to cause pathological changes.