• Brand name: Justice
  • Key words: justice, balance, responsibility
  • Astrology: Libra
  • Four elements: wind

Deck description

The goddess of justice in meditation, dressed in red robes and gold crowns, sits upright on a stone stool. She holds a Libra in her left hand, symbolizing that she can make a fair judgment on all lengths; Holding the sword high in the right hand means the ability to correct all distortions and hypocrisies in the world. The goddess stepped out with her left foot slightly, as if she wanted to stand up, but her right foot was still hidden in her robe. It seemed that she was hesitating to make a fair judgment, indicating that it was not easy to maintain a fair judgment. Only by properly coordinating the opposition between others and herself, and constantly insight and Reflection on herself, can sharp tools and Libra play their real significance. The square button of the goddess's shawl has a red circle in the middle, symbolizing the harmony of the four elements, earth, material and natural power. The purple curtain behind her symbolizes wisdom, and the columns on both sides symbolize the strength of both sides. He upholds justice, strives for fairness, and reveals his calm and fierce temperament. The overall pattern of justice card is symmetrical, and the goddess of justice looks medium-sized, which suggests that Libra pursues the characteristics of stability. At the same time, the goddess of justice is also the embodiment of law.

The card of justice advocates doing things impartially. Logic and following the process are the foundation of this card. No matter what you ask, if you always abide by the law, do what you should do, and don't do anything you shouldn't do, you will pass the pass smoothly, and the appearance of this card is nothing more than a little twists and turns; Otherwise, you must be careful to be cut down by the sword of justice. Justice represents astrological Libra, especially the queen with the queen and the pentagram queen, followed by the palace card of the sword. It's part of Libra's responsibility to be clear about the good situation and how you will deal with it.

Positive meaning

1. Basic meaning

Key words: honesty, notarization, mediating disputes for others, maintaining balance, giving consideration to career and family (study and love), peace loving.

Justice means that things have achieved their due mission. In other words, your past decisions or actions have led you to your current situation. You've got what you deserve. If you're honest with yourself, you must know that. It means you should be absolutely honest with yourself and the people around you. You should take responsibility for yourself and the decisions that make you who you are today. Your future may change because of your current decision, behavior or understanding.

Justice may also imply a legal decision in your favor, or buying something that requires signing legal documents. It may also mean successfully resolving a dispute or disagreement, or taking responsibility for a situation for which you are responsible. If justice and Zhang Quan 6 appear together, it may be a hint of promotion at work, which is the result of various decisions or past actions (that is, hard work brings reward).

2. Love and marriage

Key words: rational communication, good temperament, gentle and powerful object communication, balance between love parties, relaxed communication, honest love, sincere communication, consideration of study and love.

You are about to establish a legal contractual relationship with your partner, that is, marriage. For love, you have a strong belief that if you find that your partner can't cooperate, you will immediately terminate your marriage and take the action of separation or divorce.

3. Work and study

Key words: outstanding achievements in various subjects, consideration of career and family, success with a fair plan, consideration of personal academic and community activities, and proper law related work.

You want to achieve a perfect balance between work and life, between individuals and groups, between sensibility and rationality, and don't sacrifice the other side for either side. Recently, you need to reorganize your work and life, because sometimes you are too devoted to work and ignore your personal time, resulting in complaints from family and friends; Sometimes, because they are too focused on the enjoyment of personal life, they delay their work. You like to have several jobs and live a busy and fulfilling life; And you can really balance these jobs.

4. Interpersonal wealth

Key words: treat people fairly, be suitable to play a role in solving the struggle for truth, respect righteousness, be taken care of by the contact object, obtain loan approval, rise in wealth and get due return.

The lawsuit you faced before can now be decided to win, and all your financial difficulties can be solved. You may have an unexpected income and a new job contract. This is a good time for you to grasp the present and enjoy a balanced life.

5. Healthy life

Key words: symmetrical figure, stable mental state, suitable for Valentine's dress.

The obesity caused by eating too much before and the lack of time to rest due to too busy work can be solved now. You must achieve the best state of your body through exercise. You can also get the best state of your mind through travel and rest.

6. Entertainment hobby

Music can open up things related to music.

Inverse meaning

When justice stands upside down, it implies injustice. Delay in a certain litigation process; An endless act of justice or disharmony; Or blame each other and blame each other. You will still be rewarded for your efforts, or you can still reap your work, but it is unlikely to be a happy harvest. If there is something unfair or bad in your life at present, perhaps it is an opportunity for you to examine the seeds you have planted and learn from them.

1. Basic meaning

Key words: unfairness, starting without ending, judging with one's own opinions, everything can't be complete and unbalanced.

You may not be honest with yourself or others. You don't want to trace the cause of current events, but always blame others for your dilemma. If you are so lazy, I'm afraid you will lose the opportunity to understand yourself and your life more deeply. This is not a time to expect others to teach you, but a time to save yourself. The truth of the cycle of cause and effect is still uncomfortable. You will still be held back by someone or a situation until you understand and solve the previous incident. When you leave an unresolved situation, it (or a situation similar to it) will reappear in front of you until you learn a lesson. The seeds that haven't been harvested are waiting for you.

2. Love and marriage

Key words: not active enough, different personalities, reckless communication, stepping on two boats, unrequited love, involvement of a third party, not honest enough to deal with love, ambiguous communication with the opposite sex.

You are not single-minded emotionally. You often step on two boats, and after being found, your attitude is to escape reality. You can't give all your love to only one person. As long as you feel stressed, you can only break up and divorce. After separation, you and the other party may maintain a friend relationship.

3. Work and study

Key words: serious partial subjects, failure due to stereotyping, lack of ability or self-confidence, misconduct, examination mistakes.

You will overestimate your ability, load the workload beyond your ability, or do too difficult work, so that no work is done well, which will not only be criticized, but also affect your confidence in yourself. You are so paranoid about your work attitude that you often make mistakes. If you have problems at work, you will fall into an endless dispute with relevant personnel, blaming each other and shifting responsibility. If you don't go well at work, you may bring a lawsuit, which has been delayed.

4. Interpersonal wealth

Key words: lack of moral concept, lazy good man, dilemma, too picky about friends, financial crisis, lack of money, encounter debt disputes.

You are not good at financial management, often because of the imbalance between income and expenditure, which makes your account book deficit again and again, leading to your financial crisis. If you don't control it, your life will be hard for her.

5. Healthy life

Key words: uneven figure, no way to control weight, partial eclipse.

You don't pay much attention to your health. Under various pressures and emerging situations, you may suffer from anorexia or bulimia, resulting in a loss of physical and mental balance.

6. Entertainment hobby

Shopping has become boring, and there is no way to have a long-term interest in anything.