I dreamed of holding the dead in my arms

Dreaming of the dead is not only a symbol of self detachment, but also a symbol of rebirth. It means that you intend to forget some unpleasant past events and are ready to stand up again from disappointment. Death symbolizes forgetting, overcoming, etc. If the dream is happy, it is an auspicious dream; If it is sad, it indicates that the recent pressure is great and the mood is very unstable. We should make corresponding adaptation and adjustment to the generation of pressure.

When someone close to you dies, maybe you will shout with your arms. When other relatives die, you can go and have a look at them at most.

Dreaming of holding the dead in your arms is a sign of great evil.

Dreaming of holding the corpse and crying out the name of the dead in pain indicates that the dreamer may encounter changes and accidents, and even life-threatening.

In the dream, you are holding a skeleton, suggesting that you may be slandered and reminding you to be careful of deception.