Dream of arms and shoulders

  • Dreaming of arms usually indicates career, ability and economic status.
  • Dream that your arm is ill or not working well, suggesting that you may encounter setbacks, get into trouble, or even be demoted, resulting in economic losses and a decline in the quality of life.
  • Dream of their arms muscular and strong, which means that they will be pulled out of acid due to their own efforts.
  • Dream that one of your hands is broken, which is a sign of pain and damage.
  • Dream of swollen hands, relatives and friends will get benefits from strangers.
  • Dream of bleeding arms, will be poor.
  • Dream that the hair on the arm grows very long, will be rich, and the situation will be improved soon.
  • Dream of shoulder injury, relaxation and increased activity. Especially with & ldquo; Water & rdquo; Especially lucky. Boating, swimming, mountain climbing along the stream, etc. you can enjoy the fastest when you play near the water
  • Dream of shoulder can not force, love will be covered with dark clouds. Maybe the other party's family is in trouble, which makes him often upset. It's disappointing to be sad on a date.
  • Dreaming of very white and beautiful arms means that you may be a very sociable person. Good interpersonal relationships bring you a lot of opportunities and business.
  • Dreaming that you stretch out your arms may indicate that you have a desire to protect others.
  • Dreaming of blisters on your arms indicates that you are in good luck in the near future. On the way out, you meet an old friend you haven't seen for a long time, and there are endless words between them.
  • Dreaming of a snake wrapped around your arm indicates that your financial fortune has declined in the near future. Perhaps it is because you communicate too much, so the cost will increase accordingly.
  • Dream of a dog biting his arm, which indicates a decline in luck recently. Pay attention to pickpockets and robbery.
  • Dreaming of an injection in your arm indicates that your career will gradually show, but you need the help of many people to succeed. Partnership or partner is your nearest noble person, so you should cherish and grasp it.

Different people dream of arms

  • Women dream that their arms are sick or useless, and their husbands or sons are going to die.
  • Singles dream of an injection in the arm, which indicates that there will be more minor disturbances in the relationship, and the relationship with lovers will be hot and cold. A new era of love often develops among friends, so we should know it psychologically.