Dream of carrying a coffin

Dreaming of carrying a coffin indicates that you will be appreciated by your boss or boss in the near future.

Dream of carrying a coffin with others, will be expected to get the opportunity to be recommended by others, team cooperation also needs to pay attention to performance.

Dreaming of carrying a coffin for a funeral indicates that your health is not good recently, and there are symptoms of shoulder pain, which is caused by maintaining a posture for a long time.

Dream of the funeral team and coffin, which indicates that your love luck is bad in the near future. You always go your own way and are indifferent to your lover. The relationship between them is becoming more and more estranged.

Dream of others carrying a coffin for a funeral, which indicates that you have been doing well in everything recently. You can't be complacent. You need to know that you are too proud to fail.

I dreamed that the coffin was carried in the door, suggesting that your recent wealth is good, and you can attract wealth. You should seize the opportunity as soon as possible.

Dream that the coffin is carried out, which means that your interpersonal skills are poor and you will make friends carelessly. If your friends are not close, but you must be vigilant about borrowing money from you. The other party is likely to disappear after borrowing your money.

Different people dream of carrying coffins

The travelers dreamed of carrying the coffin and suggested delaying their departure and returning home safely.

Pregnant people dream of carrying coffins, indicating that they will have men and women in autumn. Pay attention to diet.

Businessmen dream of carrying coffins, which means they can get rich smoothly. They should guard against lawsuits and should not expand.

People in love dream of carrying coffins, indicating that relatives have opinions, don't lose heart, and there is hope to get married.

People preparing for the exam dream of carrying the coffin, which means that the liberal arts score is not ideal and does not affect the admission score.

People in benmingnian dream of carrying coffins, which means that all matters should be retreated, be careful when going out, and be careful to prevent injuries and bloody disasters.

The student dreamed of carrying the coffin, and his examination results were ordinary.

A woman dreams of carrying a coffin. She has a happy life recently, but she can't be casual and linger in happy places, leading to bad luck and labor. Beware of thieves breaking into empty doors.

The man dreamed of carrying the coffin and going away.

The old man dreamed that someone else carried the coffin and the main travel. He can't start now and must be postponed.