Dream of carrying water


This is a very auspicious dream. Water represents vitality, and a bucket full of water symbolizes wealth and love. Dreaming of carrying water reflects the dreamer's sense of responsibility and strong vitality, and also implies that the dreamer's life will become better and better. Water also represents emotion, which means that things in emotion will make good progress.

  • Dream of carrying well water, may be demoted, in trouble, and suffer economic losses.
  • Dream of carrying water home, there may be unexpected gains in money.

Different people dream of carrying water

  • Men dream of carrying water, they will have good luck, fame and wealth, but if they are too complacent and too proud, they are easy to fail.
  • Businessmen dream of carrying water. They have good fortune. Lottery tickets still have good luck, but be careful to let their pockets suffer because of their love of face.
  • Scholars dream of carrying water, because of the heavy schoolwork and appear restless.
  • Single people dream of carrying water home, and the trend of love is good.
  • Wanderers dream that they carry water home and have the opportunity to travel, which indicates that they are going home soon.
  • Businessmen dream of carrying water, which indicates that your wealth is good, and the lottery still has good luck, but be careful to let your purse suffer because of your love of face.
  • Single people dream of carrying water home, then the love trend is good. You have good luck. You can get more opportunities to attend the party. Couples get along well, there will be some small surprises, which will make each other feel happy.
  • Divorced and widowed people dream of carrying well water, and the main travel will have a good time.
  • Singles dream of carrying well water, then the fate of love is complex. Couples need to spend more time managing love, especially pay attention not to mention other heterosexuals too much to avoid misunderstanding. You have a strong desire for love and will launch a love offensive against your lover.