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Dreaming about ancestors

  • To dream that the ancestors disappeared after entering the house means that you thought that someone would help you, but things will do not turn out as you wishes.
  • To dream of the dead standing means that you will meet obstacles in life.
  • To dream of the dead parents means that you will lose money in business, also you should pay attention to protect your reputation. To dream of your dead mother means that you'd better not be confused by the rhetoric of others otherwise you will be infected with bad habits and go astray.
  • To dream of the dead means that you may have some bad habits, if you can't stand the willpower, you will have a certain degree of loss. 
  • To dream that the dead father is alive means that there will be disputes in your family. To dream of the dead friend means that you will get into trouble materially. If the dead gives you something in the dream, which means that you will have good luck at work or you will get windfall. 
  • To dream of the ghost of the dead father means that you are in danger, you should not mess with strangers.
  • To dream of worshiping ancestors indicates that you will have a baby.
  • A young man dreams of worshiping ancestors indicates that his mental health is not good.
  • An unmarried person dreams of worshiping ancestors indicates that the dreamer will have good luck for love recenlty.