Dream of sex dream

1、 Dream of having sex with colleagues.

If you dream of having sex with a colleague of the opposite sex (in reality, the dreamer has never had such an idea), and the mood tone is happy, the symbolic meaning is that the dreamer and his colleague cooperate very happily and smoothly in the actual work. For example, an employee dreams of having sex with a female boss. Through the interpretation of dream, he learned that his communication with the female boss was not smooth, and he hoped to improve the bad communication with her psychologically. "Sexual behavior" in his dream represents his desire to communicate smoothly with his female boss.

2、 Dream of having sex with relatives.

If the dream of having sex with relatives and elders of the opposite sex can be roughly divided into two situations. If the sexual object is a father or mother, psychoanalysis theory believes that it is the psychological reflection of the dreamer's desire for "Incest", which is called "Oedipus complex". However, psychologists' research shows that "Incest sexual desire rarely appears in dreams, on the contrary, it appears in metaphorical and symbolic ways, and such dreams are often reflected in nightmares."

The object of sex is the elders or elders respected by the dreamer, which symbolizes the exchange and resonance of ideas. For example, a female psychologist dreamed that she had sex with a famous old man. The old man represents tradition. This dream means that her thoughts and the representatives of traditional thoughts have been exchanged and resonated.

3、 Dream of being raped.

A girl dreamed that "she was raped, but after rape, there is always someone in my dream who will tell me that he didn't succeed. I am still a virgin. Strangely enough, I raped myself voluntarily in my dream, and the man who raped me was an old man like my grandfather. What's even more strange is that they raped me from behind. "

In this dream, "rape" symbolizes a will imposed on her. "Rape behind" symbolizes that she has made a decision against her will without her face. "Grandfather" and "old man" symbolize the male elders or old ideas who exert will on her. "Voluntary" means that she is submissive to the imposition of will. "He didn't succeed, I'm still a virgin" means that although the will is imposed on her, she still can't change her original idea.