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Dreaming About Birds

  • To dream of the crane flying in the air indicates that you will have good fortune. 
  • To dream of frolicking with the little bird standing in your hand hints that you will fall into love and taste its sweets and bitters.
  • To dream of the chicken pecking feed means that you will be misunderstood in terms of behavior.
  • To dream of the eagle flying in the sky indicates that there will be progress in your studies. Inadvertently the bought back reference books are just for your learning ability. Your results will begin to rise step by step.
  • To dream of the crow flying round the circle indicates poor interpersonal relationships. Your friends will dislike you for your pretensions.  Only try to remain modest to make your fortune become better.
  • To dream of the owl standing on the tree indicates health problem. You should take care of your health.