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Dreaming about child-bearing

To dream of giving birth to children indicates that all your wish will come true and you will have good luck for wealth. 

  • An unmarried woman even a virgin dreams of having a baby or twins indicates that she will break up with her boyfriend. 
  • A married woman dreams of having a baby indicates that you are dissatisfied with the current situation, and you are eager to get attention. This kind of dream also means that you will get a new self or new opportunities for development. Of course, it may be that you really want a baby.
  • To dream of others having children indicates that you must take care of your money.
  • To dream of others having a son indicates that beware of villains around.
  • To dream of others having a daughter indicates that you will squeeze out competitors.
  • To dream that others are going to having a bady indicates that you will be famous in the world.