Dream of clothes


  • Dream of clean clothes, dream of clean clothes, is a good sign.
  • Dream of dirty clothes, dream of dirty clothes, want to get sick.
  • Married women dream of dirty clothes and quarrel at home.
  • Dream of washing dirty clothes, women dream of washing dirty clothes, life will be happy.
  • Dream of washing clothes, there will be things that make you happy.
  • Farmers dream of washing clothes and a bumper harvest.
  • The patient dreamed of washing clothes and his body would recover soon.
  • Dreaming that you are wearing white clothes means that you have had a good luck recently. There will always be people who will invite you to dinner for small things. However, it should be noted that after three cups of yellow soup, you must not promise casually, otherwise you will lose your identity and leave something to talk about.
  • It's an auspicious dream to dream that everyone is dressed in red. It means that you will have the opportunity to be promoted at work soon, and wealth will follow.
  • Dream of wearing new clothes, which means your fortune is bad. Your friends have bought a lot of new clothes. Although you are very envious, you have no money to buy them, so you can only stare.
  • It's an auspicious dream to dream of wearing yellow clothes. It means that you have good luck recently, and your wealth is also good. You might as well buy a small investment and make a small profit!
  • Dream of wearing women's clothes. You are a man and dream of wearing women's clothes. This is a very unlucky dream. It implies that you may encounter disasters recently. In particular, pay attention to the occurrence of some accidents, such as traffic accidents and so on.
  • Dreaming of ragged clothes means that you may fail. Fortunately, you can handle it well and finally save the danger, which will completely eliminate the hidden danger of property loss. And if the clothes in the dream are suddenly cut by something, it means that they are not very good emotionally. They look alike.
  • Dreaming of blood on the bed or clothes means that you will be seriously ill or involved in criminal cases.
  • Dreaming of sewing clothes means you will have good marriage luck. If you dream that you are cutting cloth, it means that the wedding talks can not be completed. If the clothes sewn in the dream are black, it means that relatives may have misfortune.
  • Dream of wearing new clothes on your body, indicating that the red light is on in terms of health. I always feel tired and absent-minded at school. Be careful not to fall asleep in class. You will be scolded.
  • Dreaming of wearing green clothes means that your work will be very smooth. You can work hard to implement the matters you plan, and there will be competent people to help you.
  • Dream of a friend's clothes are dim, which means that there may be unpleasant friction between you. Although there may not be loss, it will cause your uneasiness.
  • Dreaming of dirty clothes is an auspicious dream. It means that your boss or boss will be kind to you. It may be something you can't get for a long time. He will give it to you, or he will help you solve the problem that is difficult to solve.
  • Dream of giving silk clothes to others, indicating that there will be good news soon.