Dream of selling clothes


  • Dreaming of others selling clothes will lead to behavioral mistakes. We should avoid unconventional adventure and rash behavior.
  • Dream of selling clothes, a little unhappy or a little disharmonious relationship with friends and colleagues!
  • Dreaming of selling clothes means that he is a little depressed and doesn't have a harmonious relationship with colleagues and friends. He needs to take the initiative to make some changes to restore his good popularity.
  • I dream of selling clothes. I'm not very satisfied with my past image. I want to dress up myself and have a good relationship with my colleagues.
  • Dream of a friend selling clothes. Recently, there are many things you need to deal with at the same time. However, you have nothing to do. Don't always rely on each other to do anything. Be careful to arouse the resentment of each other.
  • Dream of not selling clothes, there are many problems you need to solve recently, and you will feel that the time is not ripe, or you have not seen its trend, and you will let it develop.

Different people dream of selling clothes

  • People who have participated in work dream of selling clothes, indicating that they are not satisfied with their current self in their heart. They hope to change their image and get along with their colleagues with a good other side.
  • When a woman dreams of selling clothes, it means that her luck is more harmonious. If she respects the opinions of others, she can get great luck.
  • Men dream that they sell clothes, indicating that they are far away and travel with their partners. It is not suitable to go out alone.
  • Middle aged people dream of others selling clothes, which shows that you have good luck, everything is prosperous, and your future is full of light and hope.
  • Investors dream of selling clothes. Recently, while pursuing fashion life, they should also recognize their economic strength, arrange consumption behavior according to their income level, don't be hot headed, impulsive, and don't rely too much on overdraft. They should invest and manage money within their own ability, and careful calculation will become more and more moist.
  • Office workers dream of selling clothes. You are not satisfied with your current self. You hope to change your image and get along well with your colleagues with a good other side.