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Dreaming about crush

  • To dream of your lover being indifferent to you indicates good development in love.
  • To dream of your lover being very passionate about you indicates that you may be betrayed.
  • To dream of kissing your crush or associating with your crush like real lovers represents that you will not be lovers.
  • To dream of only gazing at your crush far and away indicates that you have a problem with him in reality.
  • To dream of your crush being far away from you represents that you and him have the opportunity to develop, but you often missed opportunities only.
  • To dream of your old flame indicates that you are rather negative and bothered by interpersonal relationship.
  • To dream of getting along badly with your crush represents that the relationships will turn for the better, the relationship between you and the other party is likely to emerge in another form.
  • To dream of getting along well with your crush represents that you are very lonely.
  • To dream of marrying your crush represents that he and you have drawn the line, you are completely rejected.