Look at a man's lover by his venus and moon constellations

Do you know that you can find out what kind of woman a man would like from his venus and moon constellations in astrolabe? 

Venus or Moon in Aries

This guy is in pursuit of love at first sight, he likes to get with great speed-like atmospheres, his love comes and goes quickly. He likes bold, courageous woman, she not only should always let him keep fresh, but also be innocent and straightforward, otherwise he is very easily bored. He may have a few short-time love or even marriage.

Venus or Moon in Taurus

If the Venus is in Taurus, he is looking for wholeheartedly dedicated partner, and he will treat her like this. He hopes to have love in his side, and settle down. He is eager to marriage and dedication, and seeking loyalty forever. He may be attracted to a very stubborn woman, but he is also likely to find a woman who can make money. Such a man would find a plump woman who likes cooking. He prefers to stay at home, rather than out on a date.

Venus or Moon in Gemini

When Venus or the moon is in Gemini, exchange is his main criteria. He also checks the other's hands and the way of expression. He needs a woman who can communicate with him, he also likes funny woman with frivolous tone. He would easily fall in love with a woman with sexy voice.

Venus or Moon in Cancer

This kind of man likes a domesticated woman, not only that, she has to bear a child, and give him support. He is looking for a woman who may have many of the characteristics of his mother, and may even find a girl like his mother. He and his mother are very close, and he hopes his woman to have very close relationship with his mother. He is an indoorsman, also has family gatherings frequently.

Venus or Moon in Leo

This kind of male wants his woman to be good at dressing her appearance. Her clothes should be clean, and well-matched to remain stylish. He is in pursuit of the woman who likes to use cosmetics to keep beautiful, her hair must be fashionable, she'll never go in front of the trend. He will attract a dramatic woman or she can easily be moved by dramatic performances, she might belong to the entertainment business, he may also be attracted to a mother.

Venus or the moon in Virgo

He was easy to be clean and orderly attracted to women, she can take care of daily life clean. Men and women are very picky, he from each dating or cohabitation woman found shortcomings. He was very shy, easily confused women take the initiative. He appears to be shy, it is easy to attract females. He is a family man, like his women and children to seek love and affection.

Venus or Moon in Libra

The main star of Libra is Venus. He likes to indulge in love, he dislikes loneliness, he will choose to stay with female regularly. If he is single, he will become depressed easily because of loneliness. Even if he has been together with a female, and he also likes to attract bees and butterflies. He is very attentive to his lover, but also sends the wrong emotional message to other female, women will pursue him because they think he is admiring them. He is very attentively to his woman, willing to do anything to make them feel happy.

Venus or Moon in Scorpio

He will be passionate to his woman, also loyal and dedicated, but the negative characteristics is that he is jealous and possessive. He is seeking a fated lover in order to present everything, and hopes the other to give the same return. She has to be  controlled by him within the scope, otherwise he will be jealous. He likes to control others. If you like this kind of man, you'd better be broad minded.

Venus or Moon in Sagittarius

He is an explorer, adventurer. He does not mind his lover's cultural background differences or from exotic foreign land, his ideal girl has to be willing to travel and take a risk. He likes to have self-space and new things, so he is always willing to try novelty and take a risk. Sport and exercise is very important to him, or he hopes his lover healthy to have ability to get crazy with him. He likes to find knowledgeable woman from the usual things.

Venus or Moon in Capricorn

Professionalism and dedication are his keywords. He always wants to find a woman both good at financial management and making money, she must be loyal and dedicated to him forever. Commitment is one of his keywords, samely he hops that his woman is also like this. He will be happy to feed the accepted woman, he may also choose a career woman, or simply does her own ventures.

Venus or Moon in Aquarius

He hopes that the other is both a lover and confidant, the chance of evolving from a friend into a lover is very large. He needs space and the freedom to come and go, he will be faithful to his woman, but his lover must have absolute confidence in him, can accept a long-distance romance. His preferences are always egregiously usual, so he may like odd girls who like to set her cat at him. The power of language is very attractive to him, he is eager to have his own space, he will also give his lover the personal world, this is the most perfect state. He cares about his friends very much, so he needs to stay with his buddies regularly.

Venus or Moon in Pisces

Romantic founder. Desire for a soul mate, pay attention to the women of soul cultivation. Best between the two have a strong sense of fatalism. Can easily rely on each other, so the best care. He may be attracted to the gas field strong-hearted compassion women or has the type of addiction hobby, an artistic talent or attract preferences, engaged in the art of women. He will serve you, Just when you think you're being neglected, will seek love and care from others. With your infinite love upon him, he will treat you the same way.