Look at a man's lover by his venus and moon constellations

Do you know? In a man's personal chart, the constellation of Venus and the moon can show the feminine traits he loves. Relying solely on Venus, he may not be able to find out what type of woman he is looking for. Once a woman with such characteristics enters his life, it can immediately touch his nerves. Below you will see the influence of Venus and the moon falling into different constellations on how a man chooses the type of girl he likes.

Venus or moon in Aries

This guy pursues the love relationship of love at first sight. He likes to get the feeling of chasing after the wind and electricity. His love comes and goes quickly. He likes women who are bold, brave and aggressive. She should not only keep him fresh at all times, but also be naive and frank, otherwise he will easily get bored. He may have several short-term romantic relationships or even marriage.

Venus or moon in Taurus

Venus is the ruler of Taurus. They are looking for a partner who can devote themselves wholeheartedly, and they will treat her like this. Men with Venus in Taurus want love to be around them and settle down. They yearn for marriage and dedication, and always seek loyalty. They may attract stubborn women, but they may also find a woman who can make money. Such a man will also find a plump woman who likes cooking. He may prefer to stay at home rather than go out on a date.

Venus or moon in Gemini

When Venus or the moon are in men's Gemini, communication is their main standard. He will also check each other's hands and the way they express themselves. He needs a woman who can communicate with him. He also likes women with flirty words. It's easy for him to fall in love with a woman whose voice is sexy or who swears when making out.

Venus or moon in cancer

This kind of man likes home-based women. Not only that, she has to be able to give birth and support him. The woman he is looking for may have many characteristics of his mother, or even find a girl like his mother. He has a very close relationship with his mother and hopes that his woman will have a close relationship with his mother. He is an otaku and often has family parties.

Venus or moon in Leo

The man wants his woman to be good at dressing up her appearance. Her clothes should be neat, well matched and fashionable. He will pursue a woman who often uses cosmetics to maintain her beauty. Her hair style should be fashionable, and she will always be at the forefront of the trend. He will attract a dramatic woman, or she is easily moved by the dramatic performance. She may belong to the entertainment industry, and he may also be attracted to a woman with children.

Venus or moon in Virgo

He is easily attracted to a clean and orderly woman who can keep her daily life clean and tidy. This man is very picky about women. He can find shortcomings in every woman he dates or cohabits with. He is very shy and can easily get women to take the initiative. Because of his shy appearance, he is easy to attract women. He is a family man and likes to seek love and affection from his women and children.


Venus or moon in Libra

The ruler of the balance is Venus. He likes to indulge in love and doesn't like being alone. He will choose to be with women regularly. If he is single, he will easily be depressed due to loneliness. Even if he is already with a woman, he likes to attract bees and butterflies. He is very attentive to his lover, but he will also send the wrong emotional message to other women. Women will think he loves them and pursue him. The men of jintianping are very attentive to their women and are willing to do anything that makes them happy.

Venus or moon in Scorpio

This is a man who is passionate about his woman and dedicated to her, but the negative feature is jealous and possessive. He seeks a doomed lover to give everything, and hopes that the other party will give the same return. She must always be under his control, or he will be jealous. He may be both controlling and manipulative. Any woman with a golden or moon Scorpio man should be open-minded.

Venus or moon in Sagittarius

Explorer, adventure king. Don't mind each other's cultural background differences or come from a foreign country, etc. his ideal girl has to be willing to travel and take risks. He likes to have his own space and like new things, so he is willing to try new adventures. Exercise and exercise are very important to him, or he wants each other to have a healthy body. Go crazy with him and take risks, because he wants his women to be like him. He likes women who can dig new knowledge from ordinary things.

Venus or moon in Capricorn

Dedication and dedication are his key words. He always wanted to find a woman who was good at managing money and making money, and he had to be loyal and dedicated to him forever. It's another key word that he hopes women can undertake their own obligations. He will be happy to support a woman he recognizes. He may choose a professional woman or simply an iron lady who runs his own business.

Venus or moon in Aquarius

He hopes that the other party is both a lover and a confidant. There is a great chance that he will evolve from a friend to a lover. He needs space and freedom to come and go. He will be loyal to his women, but you need to absolutely trust him and accept long-distance relationships. His preferences are always unusual, so he may fall in love with eccentric girls or fall in love with the type of flirting with him. The power of language is very attractive to him. He is eager to have his own space and give you a personal world. It is the most perfect state for him. We value friends, so we need to get together regularly with our close friends to spend time together.

Venus or moon in Pisces

The creator of romance. A woman who yearns for a soul mate and attaches importance to spiritual cultivation. It's best to have a strong sense of destiny between the two. It's easy to rely on each other, so you'd better be careful. He may attract powerful and compassionate women, or types with addictive hobbies, highly artistic talents or women who like and engage in art. He will treat you wholeheartedly, but once he feels neglected, he will seek love and care from others. Just water him with your infinite love, and he will treat you in the same way.