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Dreaming about earthquakes

Earthquake in the dream represents that you want to vent or return to the original.

  • To dream of the earthquake means that you will realize your dream. you will have a new beginning, you will leave the previous bad luck and find your own goals and direction.
  • To frequently dream of the earthquake means that you have a memory of an earthquake, so you are afraid of it.
  • A scholar or an expert dreams of the earthquake indicates that the dreamer will be famous due to academic achievements.
  • To dream of the earthquake means that you've found the center of your life, and you can start your own life firmly without fear.
  • Earthquakes make all the things falling down to the ground, which means that everything is back to its original position, which is often extended to academic achievements. The real results must have a solid foundation.
  • To dream that the house is shaking, and the ceiling is falling, but the house doesn't fall down means that you will change work or your lover will work away from home.