Dream about fire

The fire in the dream represents difficulties and losses.

  • Dreaming of a big fire shows that we will encounter great difficulties.
  • Dreaming of a small fire shows that there will be a small loss.
  • Dreaming that the fire happened elsewhere means that if effective measures are taken, it is possible to avoid possible troubles and losses.
  • Dream of Mars flying, want money.
  • Dream of a fire at home, there will be good luck.
  • Dream of the fire being put out, will lack food and clothing, or lose love.
  • Women dream that if they light a fire easily, their son will be smart and beautiful.
  • I dreamed that my limbs were unfortunately scalded and would soon have a high fever.
  • If the arsonist is damaged, the fire is the owner of wealth. Arson is to release the property, which means loss. Dream of setting fire, property will suffer losses.
  • Dream that others set fire and you will get out of trouble.