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Dreaming About Love Is Gone

The following dreams will reveal that you must pay more attention to your relationship with him,  perhaps you have committed seven sins unconsciously that a woman should not commit in love and made him sick of you, your love is vanishing ……

  • To dream of paralyzed people means that you have friction with him in the emotional or sexual life.
  • To dream of being cheated reminds you to be careful not to be kept in the dark.
  • To dream of a big tree or a pile of trees being cut down indicates that a loved one will leave you.
  • To dream of the wedding ring reminds you that you should sit down and review the relationship. If the ring is broken in the dream, which means that you will get divorced!
  • To dream of going to an unfamiliar room reminds you to be careful of this relationship, it may be strange!
  • To dream of the white goat means that this love is too confusing.
  • To dream of saying goodbye to someone means sthat your relationship will end.