Stay away from these five things and your luck will get better and better!

Some people say: your life is a mess. You don't know how to live smoothly. Remember to stay away from these points every day, and you will become more and more smooth.

1. Lose one's temper

How ugly a person's angry face should be. The voice of angry swearing is like the cry of a wolf. Even Buddha and Bodhisattva can't save people who often lose their temper.

Every time you lose your temper, you will lose one point of merit. Therefore, people who often lose their temper will sooner or later find that their merits have long disappeared. The most unlucky person in the world is the one who loses his temper at others.

2. Speak ill of others

As the saying goes, & ldquo; People don't speak and their level is not current& rdquo; Some people usually feel uncomfortable without talking. They always keep talking. They can hear his chirping voice everywhere. They also love the Taoist priest behind them. People who speak ill of others are very detrimental to their happiness and wealth. It's not right to ask for anything.

If you are a true practitioner, you will cherish your time and spend all your time chanting Buddha.

3. Complain and gossip

Master Yin Guang said that if you don't complain about others in times of adversity, you will have future blessings and the prosperity of future generations. If you don't complain about anything in life and work hard, it's not good for people. You should also learn to hide a bit. This is rich to support the day.

Right and wrong, don't say, don't ask. To say the right and wrong of others is to destroy the virtue of heaven and earth, which will cause resentment and hatred of ghosts and gods and all things will fail.

4. Show off everywhere

It is often heard that what a person shows off is what he lacks. This sentence is not unreasonable. If a person shows off himself, he will be complacent and will attract envy and destruction from people, ghosts and gods. Show off what will be lost in the future. So be humble.

5. Disrespect for parents and elders

Some people are always arrogant, treat their parents, elders and even the elderly with open mouth, say whatever they want, and don't pay attention to them at all. You know, parents are our first big Fukuda! What's the use of chanting Buddhism for those who don't respect their parents?