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Dreaming about prisons

The prisons in dreams often represent the obstacles to personal development, such as some outdated concepts, or some authoritative figures, leaders, parents, etc., or some stereotyped thoughts. It's a dream that suggests that you're longing to get out of a lot of bondage and get out of your mental cage.

  • A man dreams of prison indicates that he will live a happy life.
  • A married man dreams of prison indicates that she will be pregnant.
  • An old man dreams of prison indicates that his health will go from bad to worse.
  • A businessman dreams of prison indicates that he may encounter setbacks and loss in business.
  • To dream of becoming the warden indicates that you'll be a housekeeper for the rich.
  • To dream of quarrelling with the warden indicates that you will be limited.
  • To dream of making friends with prison officials indicates that you may go to jail or be disgraced.
  • To dream that the prison environment is bad, smelly and dirty, indicating that you will have good luck.
  • To dream of putting someone in jail indicates that you're going to have good fortune.
  • To dream of being put into prison means that you want to live a carefree life. This dream indicates that you will be free from depression.
  • To dream of others being put into prison means that now you're facing a tough problem, and you're in a dilemma. This dream means that you will finally overcome the difficulties.
  • To dream of black people in prison means that you will suffer losses and worries because of subordinates' negligence.
  • A young woman dreams of her lover being put into prison means that she was disappointed in his character because he was finally proved to be a liar.
  • To dream of your relative being put into prison means that your friends will be in trouble and need your help.
  • People who want to commit crimes dream of being in prison indicates that the dreamer will stop the idea of crime, no more mistakes.
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