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Dreaming about Ropes

  • According to the traditional view of Chinese dream, dreaming of ropes indicates longevity. If the rope is very thick, it means that you will have full of comfort and vitality in life.
  • A man dreams of a long rope indicates longevity. 
  • A woman dreams of a rope indicates that she will live a long life together with her husband. Dreaming of holding a rope with her husband indicates a stable marriage. They will work hard together, help each other and live a happy life.
  • The young person who is going to get married.dreams of ropes indicates that the dreamer is afraid of the bonds of marriage in the future.
  • People who seek freedom in the heart dream of rope indicate that they can not get rid of the shackles in the near future.
  • Dreaming of tying the rope indicates that you will succeed through your own hard work.
  • Dreaming of untying the rope indicates that you will meet trouble in love and marriage.
  • Dreaming of breaking the rope indicates that you want to get rid of some kind of relationship you don't like.
  • Dreaming that the rope is round your neck indicates that your life energy will be bound.
  • Dreaming of the thin and long rope indicates that you may go out for a distant travel.
  • Dreaming of being tied by a rope indicates longevity. Dreaming of someone being tied by a rope indicates you may be implicated in the lawsuit, and even be controlled for fraud. A woman has this dream indicates that her husband will be very well, he may get promotion to a higher office and rank.
  • Dreaming of tying cattle or horse with ropes indicates that you will lose freedom, you'd better be careful.
  • Dreaming of climbing the house by a rope indicates promotion and rising social status. 
  • A man dreams of knitting a rope or rubbing a rope indicates economic embarrassment. A woman has this dream indicates that she may go to prison, she'd better be careful to prevent involvement in the lawsuit. A person who lost freedom has such kind of dream indicates that the dreamer will live a better life and get someone else's care. A farmer has this kind of dream indicates drought or cut.