Dream of walnut tree

The walnut tree in the dream symbolizes wisdom and talent.

  • Dream of walnut branches and luxuriant leaves, indicating that you are smart, have a careful plan and smart mind, and have a successful career in the future.
  • Dream of a walnut tree full of walnuts, indicating that your wealth is slowly converging. Don't worry, a trickle can converge into a vast ocean.
  • Dream of picking up walnuts under the walnut tree, your luck will be better and your work will be satisfactory.
  • Dream of picking walnuts on the walnut tree, there will be bad luck.
  • Dream of walnut seedlings, everything will develop in a good direction, indicating that you live a happy life without trouble.
  • I dreamed that others sent me many walnut seedlings. If you can save face and talk about your recent troubles in front of one or two trusted friends these two days, you will often have unexpected gains.
  • Dream of the green walnut on the walnut tree. The great reversal of feelings appears in these two days. The changes of love in these two days often take you by surprise. Everything is unexpected.

Different people dream of walnut trees

  • Pregnant women dream of walnut trees, which indicates that they will give birth to a healthy and smart baby.
  • Adults dream of picking up walnuts under the tree, your healthy body, limbs, especially joints, often feel stiff, and your hands and feet are easy to become cold. Do more stretching exercises, and soak your feet in warm water before going to bed.
  • Unmarried people dream of picking walnuts under the tree. The Lord's recent love fortune will be mixed with utilitarian factors. They may make major decisions under realistic considerations. Economic confidence is the guarantee of emotional stability.
  • Women dream that there are many walnuts on the walnut tree, so their recent fortune is auspicious and safe. They get along with others and avoid being arbitrary. Otherwise, they will destroy the good fortune. It must be good to act according to the instructions of their superiors. At the same time, it is also good to lead people.
  • The patient dreamed of picking walnuts from the walnut tree, and his condition would worsen.