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Dreaming about wild animals

  • To dream of riding on the back of an elephant indicates good luck for love. In addition to your sweetheart, another excellent person of the opposite sex will appear, you have to choose one, so you will be troubled.
  • To dream of lions roaring indicates that your troubles in love will be solved, you can enjoy the sweet romance with your lover.
  • To dream of being alarmed at a tiger indicates good luck for purchase. 
  • To dream of lions walking on the prairie indicates bad luck for interpersonal relationships, you are too strong-minded and easy to have conflicts with others. You'd better suppress yourself and coordinate with others.
  • To dream of large group of elephants walking indicates bad luck for wealth. You'd better stay at home if you are short of money.
  • To dream of feeding the deer indicates good luck for love. 
  • To dream of a zebra running indicates that everything goes very well.  
  • To dream of pandas indicates good luck for love, someone may fall in love with you.
  • To dream of bears walking in the mountains indicates lack of energy, you are too overcautious. Cheer 
  • To dream of riding on the back of a tiger indicates good luck for wealth.
  • To dream of being attacked by wolves indicates that people around you will encounter misfortunes, you'd better remind them.
  • To dream of a giraffe indicates bad luck academically. Do not be discouraged.