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Dreaming of Being Bitten By a Dog

  • To dream of being bitten by a dog indicates that you will have different opinions with your friends, you will be isolated by them. 
  • To dream of a dog biting its owner indicates that you will lose money and fight with your friends, you may be in danger of being cheated or even killed, you may also spend a large sum of money.
  • To dream of beating a dog indicates that you may suspect of people who are very loyal to you because of your negligence.
  • To dream of a dog's death indicates that a faithful friend or aide will leave this world.
  • To dream of a dog walking after a bitch indicates that some of your friends may have ulterior motives.
  • To dream of bitches being together with puppies indicates that your friends will bring benefits to you.
  • To dream of a dog walking towards you indicates that you will get the help of friends in time of hardship.
  • A cripple dreams of a dog indicates that the dreamer's friends are weak and incompetent.

To dream of being bitten by a dog represents the relationship between people, it also means that you will be bothered by troubles or tiresome person, or the villain will stab in the back. You must control your emotions in order to avoid an altercation with others.

To dream of being bitten and bleeding has several other explanations.

  1. The dog represents the annoyance or tiresome person in life, dreaming of a dog biting you indicates that you are troubled heavily. Blood represents loss of energy, although you had a very happy day, but some small annoying things may accumulate and appear in the dream.
  2. The dog represents loyalty, morality and conscience, dreaming of being bitten and bleeding indicates that you feel that you haven't done good enough in these aspects.
  3. Something you handle did not develop according to your expectations, there may be a loophole, so you are anxious to find ways to remedy.
  4. You had a premonition that you will get trouble, you worry that this situation will really happen, so you are trying to avoid. You have felt some crisis, then you'd better face bravely, and resolve or completely put it down as soon as possible.

The explanations of dreams of being bitten and bleeding by Zhougong Dream Dictionary

  1. To dream of your fingers being bitten by a dog, but not bleeding indicates that you will encounter a bad thing recently, for example, others may take the initiative, so you will become very passive, but in the end you will lose nothing. To dream of feeling very painful indicates that you are very depressed and feel disgraced, your pride has been hit.
  2. To dream of a dog biting people with a open mouth represents some unfriendly people, people should get along peacefully, but not everyone can be friendly and harmonious, so when dealing with them, you must be adequately prepared, pay attention to ways and means of communication, do not get into troubles as could as possible.
  3. To dream of a vicious dog biting with open mouth indicates that you may offend others because of disagreement, or you will be jealous by small-minded people. You'd better pay more attention to, do not let people catch you tripping, otherwise the villain may play a dirty trick behind you, although it can not bring you specific injuries, but give you a lot of headaches and psychological burdens.
  4. To dream of a dog biting your hand indicates that you may experience adverse factors that hinder your career development or personal breakthrough, which are mainly external. For example, you may offend someone due to different opinions or some bad things. You'd better grasp the main direction of development, pay more attention to details because the details often determine the success or failure.
  5. To dream of a dog biting your lower leg indicates that you are plagued by a number of issues recently, you could not find a good way to solve the problems. This dream may indicate that a bad guy will hinder your stride in the dark, or some views will bind your hand and foot, or you may encounter a bottleneck in some fields, you could not find a new breakthrough. This kind of dream also reminds you to innovate bravely, abandon old bad ideas, and try to make new breakthroughs.