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Dreaming of being bitten by cats

  • A cat catches the mouse, it presents wealth. If you dreamed of a cat catching a mouse, you would get rich.
  • If you dreamed of being bitten by a cat with very fuzzy image, you would have found the hostile things or people to you subconsciously, you'd better make the necessary preventive measures.
  • If you dreamed of being bitten by a clean cat, you would like your pet cat very much. This dream also presents you would meet the potential opponents with strong ability, you'd better think thrice before you act.
  • If you dreamed of being bitten by a black cat or a horrible cat, you would have pressure being attacked in your subconsciousness, or you might have a feeling that it would be a bad situation for you. So this kind of dream always presents "difficulty" and "pressure".
  • If you dreamed of being bitten by a dirty cat, some potential enemies around you would use irregular means even nasty means to deal with you, neither side could gain, and your reputation might be damaged.
  • f you dreamed of being bitten breeding by a cat, you would have heavy problem in love, a third party might get involved, you would feel mentally and physically exhausted. Time is the best medicine for the treatment of emotional harm. This dream also presents the potential enemy's attack would make you suffer huge loss. This kind of dream is very bad, you'd better keep calm and confident in the face of difficulties.
  • If a man dreamed of being bitten by a cat, in addition to a symbol of the dreamer's emotional life would be chaotic and bring him trouble, there is also suggesting that there might be a strong potential competitor, this guy would hide in the shadows and have strong adaptability, so the dreamer had better be careful, he could wait but not act rashly, do not cause unnecessary losses because of his negligence
  • If a woman dreamed of being bitten by a cat, she would meet a rival in love, this rival would be looking for opportunities like a cat to rob her love. But the symbolism is not absolute, if the dreamer were very happy in the dream, instead, this dream represents the dreamer's love for cats without special meaning. 
  • If a pregnant woman dreamed of being bitten by a cat, it symbolizes the dreamer would be suspicious and worried. Maybe the dreamer felt her husband didn't care about her, she might be afraid to lose his love and care. She doesn't need to worry about this, because the happy and cheerful attitude during pregnancy is very important for her and her baby.