Dreaming of Being Sick


In real life, disease means pain, while in dreams, physical disease represents the ability to bear pain. The stronger the ability, the healthier the body. So dreaming of illness generally means good health.

Interpretation of sick dreams

  • Dreaming that you are ill means that you are in good health.
  • Dream of sick body worm, said will get attention.
  • Dreaming of a seriously ill person means bad luck.
  • Dream of his illness, indicating that something good has happened.
  • Dream of sick lying in bed supported by others, indicating that they can be promoted.
  • Dreaming of a child's illness or death means that you have a lot on your mind, or some words will haunt you.
  • Dreaming that her husband died of illness means that he may have misbehavior outside and bully you at home. If the dream husband dies, something sad may come.
  • Dreaming that your wife is ill means that you may have financial losses recently, or your investment will fail. Pay special attention.
  • It's a good dream to dream that your neighbor is ill. It means that everything in your family has been going well recently, and no one has hindered it.
  • The young man dreamed that he was ill and would marry a slim woman.
  • Dreaming that grandparents are ill means that some disputes may occur in the family. For example, there is friction between mother-in-law and daughter-in-law, which may lead to emotional disharmony and unhappiness between parents and children.
  • Dreaming that he will become a patient with seminal diseases, cross obstacles and difficulties, and live a more and more stable life is a sign of prosperity.

Interpretation of sick dreams by psychological dream interpretation

  • Dreaming of his illness means that the dreamer wants to escape from the current living environment and painful state. In addition, when your real life is not satisfactory, or there are problems in your interpersonal relationship, you will also dream that you are ill.
  • Dreaming that your child is ill means that you worry too much. Even if the child has no major problems, it always makes you unable to relax.
  • Dream that their lover is ill. For young men and women, this dream also indicates that they are eager to get love and are about to get love.
  • Dreaming that his wife is ill is an ominous omen, suggesting that the dreamer is worried about his wife's body out of a kind of care and love.
  • Dreaming that her husband is ill means that her husband will live a long life.
  • Dreaming that you have a terminal illness indicates that you may live a lonely life, introverted and conservative personality, and not be noticed and cared by your family, classmates and friends. Your wish is that everyone can pay attention to you and care about you. In addition, if you dream that you are seriously ill or disabled, you may also get unexpected wealth or surprises, or get the opportunity to travel.
  • I dreamed that I had leprosy, which symbolized that my career was going downhill and would be very difficult. If you dream that others have leprosy, it means that you will be promoted.
  • Dream that he has jaundice, suggesting that the dreamer will be deceived by his friends at the critical moment. The wife dreams that her husband has jaundice, which means that her husband is deceived by other women and will fall in love with others.