Dream of illness, oneself sick

Dreaming of different diseases has different symbolic meanings. Generally speaking, dreaming of pain, on the one hand, means to bear the pain. On the other hand, having such dreams often reminds you to pay special attention to your health. Therefore, according to the traditional Chinese dream interpretation point of view, dreaming of illness means good health, and it mostly bodes well.

  • Dreaming that you are ill means that you are healthy and have a good life.
  • Women dream that they are ill, usually symbolizing pregnancy.
  • When a girl dreams of illness, it is more a symbol of lovelorn.
  • Young men dream that they are ill, which is a sign of introspection or increased psychological burden, indicating that they will marry a beautiful wife.
  • Students dream that they are ill, which is to urge students to seize the time to study, otherwise their grades will decline.
  • When a husband dreams that his wife is ill, it may imply that there will be misfortune at home, or the pressure of life will increase and life will be in trouble.
  • The wife dreams that her husband is ill, which indicates that her husband will live a long life.
  • Dreaming that a friend is ill indicates that he may lose his friend's help.
  • Dreaming that the enemy is ill means that the enemy is powerful and indicates that you will be defeated by the enemy.
  • Patients dream that they are ill, suggesting that their condition will improve and their psychological burden will be reduced.
  • When prisoners dream that they are ill, they often symbolize commutation or release from prison.