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Dreaming of Borrowing Money

Dreaming of borrowing or lending money indicates help if your economic situation is good. Dreaming of borrowing money from others indicates that you encountered some difficulties and you need help. Dreaming of lending money to others indicates that others need your help, if you have the ability, you'd better stretch out to help them, you will be rewarded if you do good and accumulate merit.

If your present economic situation is not good, this kind of dream means that you may or have suffered a great loss in real life, but you can not make self reflection, even if there will be a complete failure or bankruptcy, you would like to change. Dreaming of others borrowing money from you and you lending generously indicates that you may or have been subject to loss, but you will be helped by the honored people due to your good relationships.

Dreaming of borrowing money from others 

The most likely is that your recent economic situation is not good, you lack of money; if it is not the situation, you want to get help or recognition of others, such a dream is also to remind you to have a good interpersonal relationship and keep independent in life.

Dreaming of lending money to others

Dreaming of others taking the initiative to borrow money from you only indicates that others need your help. Dreaming of taking the initiative to lend money to others indicates that you may lose money, even suffer bankruptcy, you'd better do good deeds, for example you can donate some money to people who need.

Dreaming of borrowing money from the dead

This dream does not represent a "fierce", but indicates that few friends will come to help you if you encounter a lot of difficulties and obstacles in reality. You need to find the true reason, it may be because that you are too autistic, or your other bad habits lead to the poor popularity, the best solution is deal with others friendly in order to improve your karma, so you will get help when you encounter difficulties.

Dreaming of your friends borrowing money 

This kind of dream represents that you feel very substantial in spirit, you have the "valuable" things that others need, such as time, confidence, work ability, status and so on. This dream also represents that your friends in difficulties may need your help.

Dreaming of your friends refusing to repay

This kind of dream is to remind you that you may not get along very well with others recently, and the responsibility is likely to be in you, such as your suspiciousness or other reasons. In short, you have to be more careful recently.