Dream of money, money

Dream of losing money, you will lose your source of income.

Dreaming of giving money to others is an ominous sign.

Dream of a miser giving money to others, and thieves will steal all their savings.

Dream of Han Xin making money as hard as he can, he will be in a difficult situation.

Dream of money, unmarried people will meet objects, married people will have horizontal wealth.

Dream that someone will give you money and your work will be completed smoothly.

Dream of picking up money or goods, indicating that a happy event has come.

Dreaming of returning money or things means that the disease is cured.

Dream of a huge sum of money and be happy. Pay special attention to physical safety. You may be injured due to an accident. Especially when crossing lanes or level crossings, care must be taken; Also, pay attention to the above when passing through high-rise construction sites.

Dream of counting money one by one, wealth rising.

Dream of money falling from the sky and rising luck in skills.