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Dreaming of eating

Dreaming of eating indicates that you are very anxious, you feel the lack of a power. Dreaming of eating a big meal indicates that you feel the need to recharge. The foods you eat represent the energy you are lack of, for example dessert represents love, cattle represents hard-working and so on. In addition, there is another possibility that you may focus too much on appearance, youth and beauty. For example if you are on a diet, you may also dream of eating and drinking in order to satisfy yourself!

  • Dreaming of eating with others indicates that you can get the help of friends in difficulty.
  • Dreaming of eating a big meal indicates that you will make a fortune, get elegant aid and have good chance recently.
  • Dreaming of eating but feeling not good indicates that your ressure is relatively large, need for self-regulation or take some time off recently.
  • Dreaming of refusing to eat indicates that you will have a psychological cynicism due to lack of long-term care.