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Dreaming of having a meal

  • To dream of having a meal alone indicates quarrel in your family.
  • To dream of having a meal with others indicates a wedding in your family or neighborhood.
  • To dream of having a meal with several people but they eating nothing indicates disaster or even death.
  • To dream of having a meal alone on the wall indicates promotion.
  • To dream of having fish indicates good health.
  • To dream of having food made with eggs indicates that you will have a son.
  • To dream of having dry pancakes indicates that you will lose money in business.
  • To dream of having a meal with silver plates indicates good luck. 
  • To dream of having Western food with knife and fork indicates good luck for communication.
  • To dream of having sushi indicates good luck for wealth, you may get a temporary income. Do not waste money.
  • To dream of biting a lemon indicates that you will have both good and bad luck for wealth indicates that you will get a large sum of income, but do not be excited, because you will soon spend it.
  • To dream of drinking juice indicates that you'd better pay attention to love. Your fickle personality will make your feelings cold rapidly. You have to make a decision to change yourself, otherwise you may lose your lover.
  • To dream of drinking coffee indicates that you will be robbed or stolen, you'd better be careful when you go out on vacation.