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Dreaming of Interviewing

  • Dreaming of interviewing indicates that you are very eager to have a job.
  • An employee dreams of interviewing indicates that the dreamer is not satisfied with the current work and wants to change job.
  • Dreaming of interviewing indicates that your inner pressure is very big, the dream is the reflection of your inner desire, you are hoping to get a job.
  • Dreaming of your friend interviewing indicate that you have good interpersonal relationship at work. When you are short of money or need others' help in urgent need, your friends will lend you a hand.
  • Dreaming of the interviewer is like Buddha indicate that you hope that the interviewer is kind as Buddha, letting your daughter to pass through, you worry about your daughter's interview, the Buddha is a symbol of kindness who helps people in distress.
  • Dreaming of succeeding in interviewing, but the offered position and wage is lower than your present job indicate that you can distinguish between priorities and priorities, this is your character, you would like to condescend.