Dream that people are dead

Dream of death, good luck, there will be good news.

Dream that someone you know is dead. It's a good omen. It means to increase someone's life.

Dream that the old man is dead and his family's luck is low. We should unite and care for our family.

Dreaming that a familiar person is dead implies that you will meet some incredible people or things in the near future, which makes you feel exaggerated and surprised.

Dream of living people dead and alive, may encounter office moves, or adjustments in home layout.

Dream that the old man is dead and his family's luck is low. We should unite and care for our family.

I dream that if someone I don't know dies, my luck will decline in behavior. A little carelessness will cause a great failure. For example, it's not easy to agree to a date with your lover, but you can't move because you forget your wallet. Be careful!

Different people dream that people are dead

Businessmen dream that people die and can make a lot of money in business.

The prisoner dreamed of death and was soon free.

Unmarried people dream that the person they like is dead, which means that your relationship is very strong and you may get married in the near future.

Working people dream that someone they know is dead, which means that your recent work pressure is very high, and your success is suppressed so that you can't stretch.

People who are looking for a job dream that the living are dead and alive. They are optimistic about job hunting. At the beginning, they are not sure. However, in the future, the situation will become clear, and they are expected to get multiple choices. It is very important to clarify their career planning.

Minors dream that they are dead and alive. They are healthy. They are prone to physical discomfort due to excessive consumption. When participating in strenuous exercise, they should be especially careful of spasms and cramps.

Office workers dream that living people die and live, and there will be more opportunities for discussion and exchange at work. They are expected to learn a lot of experience, but they will also show a debatable attitude, which is disgusting.

The woman dreamed that the old man was dead. She was lucky and happy, but she couldn't wander around in happy places, causing bad luck and hard work. Beware of thieves breaking into empty doors.

People preparing for the exam dream that the old man is dead. At this time, you are very interested in psychology, wisdom and profound thinking. You yearn for higher education and profound knowledge. You may also want to travel long distances or go abroad to expand your experience. You have a new understanding of life or art, full of imagination and further sublimation of thought.

Businessmen dream that the old man is dead, wealth continues to rise, and your family supports your financial situation. If there is a large expenditure, it is often because of family affairs. Long overdue debts will be rewarded by action.

Office workers dream that people they don't know are dead, their work is easy and smooth, and they are occasionally busy, but they won't put too much pressure on you with your strength. However, the motivation for innovation has declined, and the work performance tends to stand still.

Manual workers dream that people they don't know are dead, their mental state is good, and they will feel their vitality back to them. The head and face are areas that need more care. Facial skin diseases such as acne are easy to attack.

Investors dream that people they don't know are dead and their wealth is pale. They can only add to their passbooks bit by bit. Partial fortune is also relatively low, so it is not suitable to participate in high-risk investment. The consumption concept is more rational and moderate, which is suitable for formulating medium and long-term financial plans.

Graduates dream that people they don't know are dead. They have general luck, clear goals and strong fighting spirit, but they are not fully prepared. They tend to be in a hurry at the critical moment. Practice more before applying for a job.