Through palmistry and physiognomy to see are good people around you more or the bad people


What is honored ? What is a villain? Help us is elegant, harmful to our known villain. Some terrible, terrible honored to become the villain, some people leave much, much to the elegant fake becomes the villain, some people are more powerful, regardless of elegant villain, are elegant in their eyes. Here's a look around you are more than honored more or villain?

First, eyebrows

Years from the face up, eyebrow long glances, but looks smooth OK, which means that the physiology of the liver and cerebellum good, so you better adapt to the environment, along with others inclusive, talk can be credible, and it comes to doing to. You have many friends, to get the help of a friend, if the same two brow above the color especially bright and full of meat, it will bring good luck because friends and fortune .

Scattered purpose eyebrows, short people, however, have a more timid, small social circle, with people feeling thin, not many friends. If the eyebrow is the inverse of insanitary condition, friends and more is owed ​​to love, than ego, personality, only he did not someone else, is the villain will become a master of elegant messed up. We can also observe two brow above, if compared with other parts of the face, color is particularly gloomy and even pus, friends and colleagues will happen particularly careful design and framed.

Second, fields and houses Palace

Your house broad fields and houses, but also muscle rich do? You kind man, life and more intimate and elegant, can be elders help, the opportunity to succeed more than others. If Palace broad fields and houses but no meat, that would be good either, the words of a traditional modern terms, you are credit card debt, you like and overspending that often elderly relatives aid also depends, first and foremost is to establish a healthy concept of money .

Your home sector also narrow sunken palace, less than a finger width do? People who have this personality impatient face positive, practical ability for you, often Eat Hot Tofu, people can not get help, than not popularity, always rely on their own efforts, if both eyes are sunken, it is very suitable for singles Dudou research work, there is often a good academic performance.

Third, the villain line

From the point of view palmistry, finger root slash is the villain line up three of you, acting style high-profile, though talented but conceited, do not know how Downs, easy strokes villain, slashes forty-five more chances being entrapped particularly high, it may get involved. Hands are equally villain line a lot, especially careful. A person willing to be courteous, is a virtue, and the situation permits, it may leave more room and face to others, in addition, please try to get along with others to expand the opposition before the good communication and coordination with each other to resolve the misunderstanding.

Since there will be hands villain line, of course, there will be elegant lines. Successful line starting from the month mound you can best be honored to help, because you lovable personality and good at communicating with people, popularity is very good, celebrities and political figures such needs charisma work best for you, you are a lot of elegant type.

Fourth, chivalrous pattern

Lifeline internal stripes, is chivalrous pattern. Chivalry lifeline palmistry lines scratched, indicating on a friend indeed quite similar pay and brotherhood, not only do not cherish the friends, and even met with hunters happy, be used, such as the name of your name trickster, causing property damage your reputation and . Although the enthusiasm and dedication for your friends, but many around you villain generation, must be careful to make friends.

Not worn lifeline chivalrous lines, you will measure their ability to help a friend, and the interaction between friends, there is a come and go, help each other, walking in the lakes, indeed can not go it alone on their own, and you make friends " beneficial to all "model, just the right sense of proportion is very bad, have the ability to change and elegant friend.