Dream of picking up money


  • Dream of picking up money is a good omen. Dreamers will have windfall wealth or partial wealth.
  • Dream of picking up money or valuables. Pay attention to your daily life. You may lose some important things due to carelessness.
  • Dream of picking up a bag with money, which means you will get rich or get promoted.
  • Dream that others will buy real estate in the near future when they pick up a bag with money.
  • The thief dreamed of picking up money, which was a bad omen, indicating that he would miss and be caught in stealing.
  • The unemployed dream of checking money is a good sign that they will soon find a satisfactory job.
  • Bank staff dreamed that picking up money was a bad omen and would be punished for corruption.
  • Dreaming that the money picked up is robbed by others is a bad omen. There will be accidents for family members, treachery for friends, and jealousy for colleagues.
  • Dreaming that the money picked up was stolen again is a good omen. All troubles will be far away from themselves, and happy things will follow.
  • Dream of picking up a lot of money is a good omen. Dream that something good will happen in others.
  • Divorced and widowed people dream of finding money, which indicates that they have a chance to travel. Ji, be careful of thieves on the journey.
  • Migrant workers dream of finding money and lack of external help at work. Although they can cope with it with their own strength, they feel powerful and do not follow their heart. They are eager for peace. It is suggested to lower their requirements for themselves.