I dreamed of quarrelling with my husband


I dreamed of quarrelling with my husband

Dreaming of quarreling with her husband is a process of thinking. Quarreling, anger or differences of opinion mean that the dreamer has not yet sorted out how to deal with a court trivial matter to achieve the best effect, so he will still feel some trouble. However, most of the time, this dream will also be antisense, indicating that the relationship between the dreamer and her husband is actually very good, but the dreamer is worried, If you want to deal with the bad things that may occur, you should deal with them in the best way to make your husband very satisfied with yourself. In fact, remind the dreamer that sometimes, good communication with your husband will be the best way, which can further promote the understanding and feelings with your husband.

I often dream of quarrelling with my husband

It suggests that although the dreamer's husband is unhappy, the dreamer is a kind and virtuous woman. She is tolerant and humble to her husband and is very magnanimous. She doesn't want to say it directly to her husband, but there is a subconscious discontent in the dreamer's heart. In fact, her inner heart is also depressed. It reminds the dreamer that she should talk to her husband more, Even if you occasionally act coquettish against your husband, play with the temper of a little woman and vent, but don't overdo it. It's the most powerful. It can not only completely relax yourself, open all heart knots, but also make your husband love yourself more.

Pregnant women dream of quarreling with their husband

Women are usually sensitive, especially when they hear people say that they often cheat when their wife is pregnant. In fact, dreaming of quarreling with her husband shows that the dreamer has a sense of insecurity and some distrust of her husband. Sometimes she thinks too much. The dreamer should fully trust her husband, Communicate more with your husband, enhance mutual understanding and make more intimacy, but you don't have to have forbidden fruit.

Postpartum women dream of quarreling with their husbands

It shows that the dreamer has pressure in his heart and a little postpartum depression. It may be because the child is too young and noisy. He is not ready to immediately switch to the role of mother. He may make a mistake in his heart. He may be afraid that he is very tired to take care of the child alone. He worries more all at once, and the pressure from the family increases all at once. Sometimes, The dreamer thinks too much by himself, because he has become a mother and changed his role. It takes a certain time to adapt to the new role. In fact, every mother always thinks about how beautiful the child is, and has the psychology of looking forward to the son and the woman;

I dreamed that my husband and old lover came to quarrel with me

It implies the dreamer's distrust of her husband. She is also a little defensive against her husband in her heart. She is afraid that her husband will do things that are sorry for her. She reminds the dreamer that she should not have too much suspicion. Her husband is her closest relative and should be fully affirmed and trusted. In fact, she calms down and thinks about it carefully. In fact, her husband takes care of and cares for herself in every way.

Dream of hysterical quarrel with her husband

It shows that the dreamer has no sense of security and hopes to get more love from his husband. Maybe in reality, there is relatively little communication between husband and wife. Sometimes, the husband does not fully understand his mind, and his pay for himself does not meet his inner standard, but he is unwilling to tell him, but hopes that the husband can explore it by himself, Sometimes it is often the dreamer who feels that what his married husband has done is not causing trouble for his better psychology when he is in love, reminding the dreamer to be good at guidance. Smart people often do better in communication and guidance. Sometimes it is not because the husband doesn't love himself, but because he doesn't know how to love himself better.