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Dreaming of Quarreling with Your Husband

1, Dreaming of quarreling with your husband

To dream of quarreling with your husband represents the process of thinking, you will argue, get angry or have different opinions. It indicates that you will feel troublesome because you still haven't sorted out a way to handle some household affairs. But this dream is also antisense, indicating that you have very good relationship with your husband in reality, but you may worry about something, you may want to deal with the bad things in the best way, you may also want to let your husband feel satisfied with you. Rememer, the best way is to communicate, only good communication can promote greater understanding between you and your husband.

2, Often dreaming of quarreling with your husband

This dream indicates that although your husband is not good enough, but you are a kind-hearted woman, you are tolerant, self-effacing and generous to him, you would not like to speak to him straightforwardly, but you will surpress your true feeling in your heart subconsciously. You should tell the truth with your husband, even if you can act like a spoiled child occasionally or play small temper, but do not be too excessive, the right is the most powerful, so that you can not only let yourself relax thoroughly but also let your husband love you more.

3, A pregnant woman dreams of quarreling with her husband

Most women are more sensitive, especially when others talk about that men may become unloyal when their wives become pregnant, then women will become cranky inevitably. In fact, dreaming of quarreling with your husband indicates that you lack a security sense, distrust your husband. You'd better fully believe in your husband, communicate with your husband in order to enhance mutual understanding and become more affectionate.

4, A delivery woman dreams of quarreling with her husband

This dream indicates that you have pressure in heart, also you have a point of postpartum depression, because the child is too small and noisy, you are not ready to immediately switch to the mother's role, you may be afraid of being too tired for taking care of your baby yourself, and you may be worried about a lot, so the pressure is suddenly increased. In fact, you may think of too much, you really need time to adapt to the new role. In fact, every mother hopes her child will have a bright future.

5, Dreaming of your husband or old lover coming to quarrel with you

This dream indicates that you do not trust your husband, you have a bit of defense against your husband, you are afraid that your husband will make a sorry thing. You should not have too much suspicion, your husband is the closest loved one, you'd better give full recognition and trust to him. In fact, your husband takes care of you very much.

6, Dreaming of quarreling with your husband hysterically

This dream indicates that you have no sense of security, hoping to get more love from your husband, you may have poor communication with each other in reality, your husband sometimes can not fully understand your mind, his love does not meet your standard, but you refuse to tell the truth, but you hope your husband can understand by himself. You'd better be good at communicating, the smart people tend to be good at communicating and guiding, sometimes it is not because your husband does not love you, but he does not know how to love you better.