I dreamed of quarrelling with my son

Dream of quarreling with your son. How to deal with the relationship with your family has become your most troublesome thing. It is the biggest problem in communication. Sometimes when you open your mouth, there are all kinds of quarrels.

Men dream of quarreling with their son, which is prone to overdraft. They like going out to parties with friends and colleagues very much, which is also the premise of directly increasing your expenses.

Married people dream of quarreling with their son, bad luck and disharmony between husband and wife. Your relationship can't stand temptation and torture. A little wind and grass will cause all kinds of anxiety.

Divorced people dream of quarreling with their son and like new things. Even if they need to pay a huge price, they will always have a mentality of liking the new and hating the old.

The old man dreamed that if he quarreled with his son, he would lose some important things. If he didn't wake up in time, he couldn't regret it in the end.