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Dreaming of Rat

Dreaming of rat indicates that you had too many enemies, and might have disputes with a close friend or family member. If in the dream you scared away the rat, which means that you could overcome difficulties and conquer the hearts of distress or enemy. In addition, psychology oneiromancy have the the following explanations of dreaming of rat:

  • Dreamed of rat escaping, which indicates that the legitimacy of your struggle is questionable.
  • Dreamed of catching rat, which indicates that you might suffer loss due to making dishonest friends.
  • Dreamed of fighting with the rat, which indicates that you would be likely to have human communication disorders, you might encounter difficulties in terms of dealing with people.
  • Dreamed of a lot of rat, which indicates that you might have encounter successive failures, or have strong sexual troubles.
  • Dreamed of  rat making holes in the hole, which is to remind you of thieves.
  • Dreamed of a mouse on your clothes, which means that someone you trust might slander you.
  • Doctor dreamed of rat, which is to remind you to be careful of the infectious diseases.
  • Dreamed of using mousetrap to catch mouse, which indicates that you might receive unpleasant news or unwelcome guests.
  • Dreamed of killing the rat, which means that you would defeat the opponent, property or income would increase.
  • Dreamed of a dead mouse, which means that the difficulties are coming to an end, and soon you would have good luck.
  • Young woman dreamed of rat, which is to warn her that someone might be cheating on her, she'd better beware of hidden enemies.
  • Dreamed of catching and killing the rat, which indicates that the enemy might kill each other, neither side gains; also it is to warn you it is best not to allow someone to interfere in your own affairs.
  • Married women dreamed of holding domesticated rat, which means they are about to have children.
  • Dreamed of catching rat, which indicates you might make dishonest friends.
  • Dreamed of catching rat, which indicates that you might be plotted by the enemy.
  • Dreamed of catching mouse is auspicious, which indicates that the enemy will kill each other.
  • Dreamedd of dead rat, which indicates that you might have the best luck.
  • Men dreamed of mouse biting them, which indicates that evil is about to be avoided.
  • Doctor dreamed of rat, which indicates the residence is about to emerge infectious diseases.