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Dreaming of rivers

  • Dreaming of swimming along the current indicate that everything will be wishful. You can expand the love offensive against someone, you are very likely to succeed.
  • Dreaming of swimming against the current indicate that you will have worse relations with your friends. Be careful not to fall into the trap of others.
  • Dreaming of deep diving into the river indicate that you may have some concerns. You may have an unexpected illness, such as appendicitis, nephritis and so on. You should also be careful of the fatigue caused by staying up late.
  • Dreaming of crossing the shallow river barefooted indicate that you'll have a change in personality, you will become patient very much.
  • Dreaming of the waterfall showering your body indicate good wealth luck. If you open a grocery store or do other business, the turnover will increase and your pocket money will increase too.
  • Dreaming of camping in the river bed indicate that you will have fun. You can play with your friends to the beach or hiking. But you must not stay outside, otherwise you may cause an accident.