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Dreaming of taking photos

Cameras in the dream, whether digital cameras or traditional film cameras, usually represent expectations, vigilance, or retainability, indicating that the dreamer may be full of nostalgia for the past or present life, or look forward to changing his living environment. To dream of taking pictures also shows the dreamer's curiosity and your relationships.

  • To dream of taking the photos yourself indicates that you'd better pay attention to your relationships.
  • To dream of looking at others taking photos means that you will do wrong due to heavy curiosity.
  • To dream of taking a family portrait hints that you miss your family so much and you want to reunit with them.
  • To dream of taking a family portrait of others hints that you are very lonely and you want to reunit with your family.
  • To dream of taking photos of the dead means that you are puzzled by things that you can't put down.
  • To dream of others taking photos of you indicates that you will get married, or you are very concerned about your image, or you are obviously worried about something and want to talk to others.
  • To dream of taking photos of others hints that you want to retain someone, or you want to keep a certain distance with others and you are not willing to directly express concern for the other, or you are afraid of trouble in interpersonal relationships.
  • A young woman dreams of capturing the scenery with a camera hints that you will meet setbacks in love and feel very lonely.