Dream of taking pictures


Dream cameras, whether digital cameras or traditional negative cameras, usually have the meaning of expectation, vigilance, or retention, suggesting that you may be nostalgic for your past or present life, or expect the living environment to change. Dreaming of taking pictures also shows your curiosity and interpersonal relationship.

  • Dream of taking pictures of yourself, interpersonal relationships need more attention;
  • Dream of watching others take pictures, curiosity is too heavy, will do wrong;
  • Dream of taking family photos in my family. I miss my family too much and want to have a family reunion;
  • Dream of taking family photos of others and longing for family reunion. Now life is too lonely;
  • I dreamed of taking pictures with the deceased. I was troubled by something I couldn't let go of.
  • Dream of others taking pictures for you with a camera, on the one hand, it may indicate that you are getting married; On the other hand, it also means that you are very concerned about your image and remind yourself to pay more attention to your image and behavior in front of others; Or you have something on your mind and want to talk to each other.
  • Dreaming of taking pictures of others with a camera, on the one hand, may imply the retention of some people who may leave in life. On the other hand, you may be a person who wants to keep a certain distance from others in your heart. You are not willing to tell each other directly about your concern for each other; Or afraid of trouble in interpersonal relationships and unwilling to become the focus of attention. In short, sometimes you want to be a bystander.
  • Young women dream that they capture the scenery with a camera, suggesting that they may encounter setbacks emotionally and even be rejected by their friends. They feel a little lonely in their heart.