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Dreaming of taking a plane

The plane is a quick means of transportation, but the ticket price is usually a little expensive. Many people only take the expensive but fast transportation when they are far away or get good-priced plane tickets. Dreaming of taking a plane usually refers to a long-term goal or illusory dream. Anyway, that is the goal that you have to spend a lot of expense to reach. The plane in a dream symbolizes that you should flee faraway, put aside all the troubles, abandon the old life and start a new journey.

  • To dream of a plane means that you are going to travel, you will soon see the long-awaited relatives.
  • To dream of taking a plane with friends indicates that you will be successful in partnership business.
  • To dream of hastily boarding the plane hints that some of your close relatives will get sick.
  • To dream of flying means that you will get promotion and obtain benefits in business, at the same time it reminds you to maintain good relations with relatives and friends, do not quarrel.
  • To dream of taking a plane hints that some of your friends will be jealous of your wealth.
  • To dream of flying an airplane indicates that you will soon be rewarded due to your hard work and efforts.
  • To dream of the plane taking off means that you are taking a risk or entering an unknown state.
  • To dream of the plane landing means that a new thing will bear fruit or a well planned adventure achieved the expected success.
  • To dream of boarding the plane means that you will get the boss's appreciation because of your outstanding performance, you will get promotion and pay raise.
  • To dream of steering the plane symbolizes that you will look for independent existence space.
  • To dream of looking down from the window of the plane indicates that you will suffer some hardships in love.
  • To dream of driving the plane smoothly indicates good luck and physical condition.
  • To dream of driving the plane that you completely don't know means that some things that have not been done before will be done.