Star coin Knight

Star coin Knight

Deck interpretation

The star coin Knight sits on the dark horse with a steady posture, holding the reins with his left hand, representing a cautious attitude of controlling the progress; The right hand steadily holds up a star coin with a firm look, which is so trustworthy. On the heads of knights and dark horses, green leaves grow, representing the hope of vitality and stability. The whole fertile soil is sandwiched between the green space and the mountains, and the warm yellow sky reflects the star coins more prominently. The knight looked at the star coins on his hands, which represented his inner material desire and became stronger. He is a promising young man with a bright future. His appearance is calm, outstanding, and even strict. But the crimson armor represented the fiery side of his hard exterior, which would explode if necessary.

Star coin knight is the static card in all Knight card groups, representing calm and calm standing in place. The posture of a knight riding on a horse represents a stable, prudent, focused and not easily distracted personality. The horse stands on the ground with four feet, which represents a cautious attitude. The fire of the earth represents steadiness and action ability, and knows how to allocate time and physical strength in order to obtain appropriate returns. The earth element represents a planned attitude. The element of fire represents action and momentum. The warm yellow background represents strong desire and full grasp.

Interpretation of brand meaning

Among the several Knight cards, the star coin Knight card is a card with considerable perseverance. It can also be said that when a problem arises, whether it can continue or whether it can continue, then the appearance of this card mostly has the artistic conception of walking quietly. And this card also has the possibility of doing one thing carefully, carefully and continuously. This knight card also represents planning and planning, so this problem can be described in the interpretation of the card. The diviner himself is quite persistent, or this matter, good or bad, may continue. But because the star coin Knight itself is not an obvious action card, it also has a feeling of private or secret. Generally speaking, the star coin Knight card also has a symbolic meaning of being down-to-earth because they are confident in their own plans and strive to achieve their goals.

Positive meaning

  • An efficient and competent organizer.
  • A doer who understands the reality and works steadily.
  • A responsible, trustworthy and reliable person.
  • The protector of the family.
  • A person with a little old-fashioned ideas, an old-fashioned school.

The star coin knight is a pragmatic actor. He has a wide reclamation field behind him, indicating that he is carrying out large-scale farming. Among the four palace Knight cards, the horse is the slowest one. He is pragmatic and stable, walks steadily step by step, and strives to make money and improve himself. If you work hard in the positive position, you can look forward to the future, and the estimated harvest is positive. The horse walks on all fours and feet on land, which also means being down-to-earth. In terms of love, they pay more attention to future investment and planning. Some families are pragmatic and have less love talk. They may not feel romantic, but they can give a sense of security and commitment to the future. Incidentally, the appearance of the star coin palace character card in the relationship usually gives the other party a sense of security and stability (except for the star coin waiter, who has too little money, and the star coin waiter can give the other party money at most). Perhaps in terms of emotion, the Holy Grail Knight is a good love object, and can get married and have a sense of belonging.

Meaning of corresponding life at all levels

  • Love: this card means that you are dreaming of a relationship you want, but you are not acting on it. Maybe you still have a mythical attitude or you withdraw from reality or pain.
  • Wealth: Although you are not very rich at this stage, you have the idea to earn more wealth. However, it is recommended that you do not expect too much, because you still have to achieve it.
  • Career: your job may be related to aviation or transmission. But this card suggests that you can do what you do more step by step. That's enough.
  • Appearance: usually your hair and eyes are darker.
  • Health: this card implies that your health is generally no problem, but you can take more exercise to relieve physical and mental stress.

Inverse meaning

  • Face life with a slack and unflappable attitude.
  • They are too conservative and die hards.
  • You can do things at will, and your enthusiasm for things will soon cool down.
  • Development has stagnated.

The reverse star coin knight may focus too much on the work level and form a workaholic. He takes the company as his home and has no intention of other places. His feelings, family and life are regarded as the second priority. Focus on your career, forget to connect with the feelings of others around you, and just want to get material conditions and devote your life to your career. In addition, it is also possible that the reverse star coin Knight loses his diligence, loses his direction, loses his planned goal of work, and makes random investment. If you want to make a lot of money but take risks, if you want to be big and small, you may carry a huge debt, lose money and run away.

Meaning of corresponding life at all levels

  • Love: you always fantasize that you want to have a dream lover, but you are always slow to act, so if you have a dream, you should express it to your lover quickly, or you will lose your chance in vain!
  • Wealth: according to the meaning of this card, you'd better take your time. Don't be eager to make a lot of money. Go back to reality and solve the real problems first!
  • Career: choosing this card means that you are likely to engage in a career related to flying, but the important thing is that you should practice your work dream, not just fantasy.
  • Appearance: you make people feel energetic, but actually you have to do it seriously!
  • Health: you should pay more attention to the safety when you take air transportation, and pay more attention to your diet, such as hygiene and nutrition. Don't eat casually!