Star coin attendant

Star coin attendant

Deck interpretation

The star coin waiter raised a gold coin in his hand and stared at the gold coin intently. This means that he focuses on learning a skill and hopes that this skill can be truly implemented in life. This skill can not just stay in the state of metaphysical thinking. It must be a skill that can be seen, touched and truly felt. Its green yew symbolizes natural science and its vigorous vitality. He wears a thick red hat instead of a laurel on his head, which also means that he may not be a winner, let alone a leader. He is a scholar, intelligent, enthusiastic, creative, mature and steady. The lush grassland under his feet symbolizes rich knowledge and a full future.

Interpretation of brand meaning

Generally speaking, the card group of the star coin is mostly a symbol of money, which is more material. However, from the perspective of the star coin attendants, it is strengthened. To do something or learn something for such a symbolic meaning. Let's put it this way. This sense of material level is achieved through learning. It can also be said that the purpose of this learning is to achieve that material achievement. It is purposeful learning, not to kill time or learn for some reason. Then you can roughly understand that this study is very important and even closely related to your future achievements. Therefore, you are bound to be very serious and work hard in the hope that you will achieve something as soon as possible. Of course, the scope of learning referred to here is very wide. It does not necessarily refer to learning in the general classroom. It may be the experience of field work or training. So we can also say that the star coin attendant represents a young man who is down-to-earth, serious and has a good plan for his future.

Positive meaning:

  • Correct learning attitude.
  • Enthusiastic and active in research work.
  • He has a strong thirst for knowledge and a good mind.
  • Good news related to knowledge or research work.

Meaning of corresponding life at all levels

  • Love: this card indicates that you will have another new stage in the love world. It may be the occurrence of a new relationship or a change in your relationship with your old partner, but this change is usually good.
  • Wealth: as long as you are willing to make efforts, it is easy for you to have wealth, but you may have to invest some money first to recover greater benefits.
  • Career: your work may be challenging and hard work, but you can learn a lot from it and increase social experience. As long as you are willing to pay, you will succeed.
  • Appearance: you may be an honest young man with black hair and black eyes.
  • Health: you shouldn't worry about your health, because you won't let yourself lie lazily on the sofa because you love sports and nature.

Meaning of reverse position:

  • A waste of money.
  • The knowledge is poor and the understanding is not deep enough.
  • Narrow field of vision.
  • be in fine fig.
  • reap what one has sown.

The reverse star coin waiter cannot master the investment method, has poor ability, has wrong investment content, has no concept of money, is not obvious about the future planning, or is uncertain about himself, fickle and unable to adhere to his ideas, lacks the motivation for commitment and realization, and eventually loses wealth and property. On the other hand, it is also possible to want wealth too much. In the face of temptation, you want to be broad and small, but ignore the risk. The reverse star coin waiter may also represent some wrong and dangerous investment information, or investment information that misses the opportunity. Of course, the most important point is to stop making some and what kind of process development actions for any purpose, that is, stopping, unwilling to move, and giving up.

Meaning of corresponding life at all levels

  • Love: lack of sincere commitment, the relationship between the two sides has no future. In another case, it can be said that both parties or themselves give false promises just to enjoy short-term happiness or physical relationship. If you look at the existing emotional relationship, this card may also represent a symbol of separation.
  • Wealth: it's not difficult to make money, but you may have to take great risks because you have to pay a lot of money first. I suggest you don't make a huge investment at the moment.
  • Career: the sense of being down-to-earth has been lost. What is left is the idea of getting something for nothing. For the original self investment, they all rejected and gave up planning for the future. Or maybe I think it is enough, so I stopped getting some information. Here we need to analyze it a little, because it is related to the feeling that it is enough, which may be really enough, rather than a self or conceited idea. Therefore, it can also be regarded as a temporary recuperation in the process of self investment, or a transitional period of evolution.
  • Appearance: your appearance makes people feel immature and stable, and a little active.
  • Health: sometimes because you are lazy or unable to implement the plan, you waste unnecessary physical strength, and even worry too much, which is easy to cause physical and psychological fatigue!