Dream of the army


The army dominates the movement. There are always two possibilities in front of the army, victory or failure. Dreaming of the army represents good or bad luck.

It is a good sign to dream that the army is coming or standing.

I dreamed that the army was defeated and the bad day was coming.

I dreamed that the army had won. Good luck.

Dreaming of the army leaving means that something unpleasant will happen.

I dreamed that the military flag was flying and the trumpet was loud, indicating that the dreamer had a bright future and unlimited scenery.

Dreaming of a fast March indicates that the dreamer has a very bright future and will make excellent achievements.

Dreaming of a slow march means that the dreamer will have bad news, or he is not decisive enough.

I dreamed that I was lucky in the army.

Dream of the army entering the city, he will be promoted and rich.

Dream of leading the crowd to break the city, and everything you pursue will succeed.