Dream of parade


Dreaming of the parade indicates that you will receive news, which means sadness and pain.

Dream of a religious parade, good things will happen.

Dreaming of a parade means that villains may appear.

Dream of festival parade, love luck rise. There will be many heterosexuals who are at a loss for dating. This is a once-in-a-lifetime opportunity to choose love.

Dream of participating in the demonstration, holding up the signboard and marching quietly, which means that everything will hit a wall and have to bear hardships.

Dream of the end of the demonstration, disbanding and going home is a precursor to your illness.

Dream of a lot of people marching, which means you have to run around for other people's things, which is usually a more troublesome thing. The change of the surrounding environment can help you change your mood. Resetting the furniture at home will make you feel much better.

Dreaming of watching the parade indicates that you will get trust and increase your salary.

Different people dream of the parade

Travelers dream of participating in the parade, suggesting that they may encounter accidents, especially pay attention to safety and traffic safety.

The old man dreamed that the procession should not go deep. It should retreat to the status quo in order to be safe. It is an image of bitterness before sweetness. It is not suitable to act rashly.

Wage earners dream of the parade, their working conditions pick up, the opportunity to get help from others, and more occasions for assistance and consultation. The competition with competitors tends to be fierce.

Political leaders dream that joining political or religious demonstrations will be respected by national leaders.

Tourists dream that they will have a car accident if they participate in political or religious demonstrations.

Women dream of participating in the parade, but also suggest that marriage may encounter setbacks and may divorce their husband.

Officials dream that they will join the parade, which indicates that they will be appreciated and valued by leaders and dignitaries.

The boatman dreamed that he would join the army parade and establish contact with the army. He could make a lot of money by relying on the army.

Businessmen dreamed that the parade of students would lose money because of their lack of business experience.

Students dream of their own parade, learning will fail. Students dream of their own parade, sports can win prizes.

The prisoner dreamed that he had joined the police parade and would be arrested and sentenced to long-term imprisonment.

Investors dream of demonstrations, and the stock market suggests that if the team goes East, the stock price will be high; If you go west, the share price is low. When the direction is not clear, consolidate the situation. And even if you go east, if it's a view in the evening, the high price can't last.