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Dreaming about cats

Cats have often been used to symbolize some character of people, usually representing women. Women are lazy, beautiful and lovely; they are a little selfish and a little greedy, they are easy to get angry and like to sleep, sometimes they are cunning, but men love them so much because they are well-behaved like cats, they are so submissive. But do not ignore the sharp claws behind the well-behaved appearance. When a woman dreams of cats indicates bad omen, she may have problem with love. A man dreams of a cat symbolizes the woman around him. Of course, it is one-sided to only compare cats to women, let's look at some specific interpretations:

  • To dream of cats indicates that others will criticize your character and hate you too, in addition, your property will be stolen.
  • To dream of being bitten by a cat indicates that you can remove all obstacles at work.
  • To dream of beating a cat or catching a cat indicates that you will be stolen but will not suffer loss, the bad guy will be arrested.
  • To dream of beating a cat without reason indicates that you will be against your neighbors.
  • A patient dreams of keeping a cat indicates that the dreamer will get rid of the disease.
  • To dream of cats catching rats or birds indicates that the enemies will kill each other.
  • To dream of a cat coming up to your knees indicates good relationship with your lover, you will be flattered and busy at dating, but you'd better pay attention your health.
  • To dream of an abandoned cat calling in the street indicates bad luck for wealth, you may waste your money.
  • To dream of a cat sunbathing indicates that you will be safe and sound for the next month, you will feel a little bored.
  • To dream of a big cat with kittens indicates good relationship with your friends, you will live a happy life with your friends.
  • To dream of kittens playing with each other indicates your unstable love, it is hard to confirm the relationship, you will be anxious.
  • To dream of losing your cat indicates that friends will cut off dealings with you.
  • To dream of a dirty cat indicates misfortune.
  • To dream of a clean cat indicates good luck.
  • To dream of a cat catching a mouse indicates that you will have money.
  • To dream of cats fighting with snakes indicates that all the disasters will pass.