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Dreaming about coins

  • To dream of gold coins represents prosperity, or you will get a lot of happines from the ocean voyages.
  • To dream of silver coins doesn't represent good luck, your calm family may have twists and turns. To dream that the coins are very new and shining hints that the people you trust will betray you.
  • A woman dreams of her lover giving her a coin hints that she is very likely to be abandoned.
  • To dream of copper coins represents the physical torture and psychological setbacks, or a person who is higher than your position will put pressure on you. To dream of nickel coins means that you will have to work very hard.
  • To dream of having a lot of silver coins which you like very much indicates a good omen.
  • To dream of accepting coins means that you are in a bad economic state.
  • To dream of having a lot of nickel coins which you like very much means that you will achieve satisfactory results through efforts.