Dream of examination


Dream of the theme of the exam usually refers to the recent difficulties or challenges that the dreamer is facing in his life. The exam in the dream conveys the pressure that the dreamer is facing in his life.

Dream of examination means test. This does not simply mean that students take the exam, because they will face many tests in their life. Dream of the theme of the exam usually refers to that the dreamer is facing some difficulties or challenges that he wants to escape and can't run away in his life recently. This is often a comprehensive test of his will and ability. The test in the dream conveys the pressure that the dreamer faces in life. Examination symbolizes test and turning point. Dreaming of examination indicates that the dreamer's life will face some test or change.

The meaning of examination in dream:

  • Dreaming of taking the exam means success in life.
  • Dreaming of invigilating the exam means that the dreamer will be well-known at home.
  • Candidates dream that they have failed the exam, which indicates that the dreamer can get the best score in the exam.
  • Dreaming that he was driven out of the examination room means that he will fail to achieve his expected results.
  • Men dream of exams, which shows that they are under great pressure in life and work, think day and night, remind dreamers to pay more attention to rest and learn self mediation to reduce pressure.
  • Women dream of taking the exam, which indicates that they are not satisfied with their feelings and will have a dispute with their family in the near future.
  • The girl dreamed of the exam and only herself in the exam room, which indicates that there are many pursuits around her and it is difficult for her to choose.
  • In love, men and women dream of exams, which indicates that their relationship is in a dangerous period and is being tested. As long as they pass this period, everything will be flat and their feelings will be deeper.
  • If a businessman dreams of taking the exam, it indicates that there are great competitors in business, and reminds the dreamer not to trust the people around him easily.
  • The unemployed dream of the exam, which shows that the current situation brings some pressure to the dreamer. Don't worry. As long as you insist, you will always find a satisfactory job.
  • Students dream of the exam, indicating that they will take the real exam in the near future, or suggesting that there is a lot of learning pressure in the near future and they need to be relieved appropriately.
  • Dream that the exam is very smooth, which shows that your life or learning status is very good recently. You do things like a duck to water. If you are going to face the exam or assessment recently, you are very confident to get good results.
  • Dreaming of an unfavorable exam shows that you feel a little unable to cope with the pressure in your life. At the same time, it is also a manifestation of lack of confidence and anxiety.
  • Dream of failing the exam, if a student, usually shows that the dreamer attaches great importance to the test results, and often becomes restless because he is worried that his test results will not meet expectations.
  • Dreaming of being late for the exam indicates that the dreamer may have a concern about something he is engaged in, a plan, an investment or about to face a change in his career. It is a manifestation of lack of confidence due to uncertainty, or in life, the dreamer does not want to really face some things in life & ldquo; Exam & rdquo;, I always want to retreat, or maybe I want to develop, but in fact, I always feel a pressure to slow down.
  • Dream of the exam will not, if you are not reading, then dream of the exam will not mostly mean that your life is currently undergoing a test, indicating that you do not have much confidence in yourself to overcome this test.
  • Dream that you used to spend a lot of energy to pass the exam. This dream is a consolation. I tell you, the exam you were afraid of was just a nervous one in vain. You passed the exam successfully, and it will be as smooth this time.
  • Dream of an exam you have never taken or failed in the past. This dream is a reminder. I tell you that you usually ignore the research or situation in some aspect, suggesting that you should pay more attention to this aspect.
  • Dream that you can't find a stationery answer, which means that something you want to do recently is not considered, which hinders your progress.
  • Do not dream about the subject of the exam, but just dream about the scene of the exam. Pay attention to recall the location, process and emotion of the exam room in your dream; See who is taking the exam with you, who is the rater or examiner; People often dream of different people living in the same room at different times, and these people may be the source of your recent stress.