Dream of fields


The land owner is rich. Land is the foundation of people's food and clothing, symbolizing the wealth of life. A field full of crops usually means a rich life in a dream.

Dreaming of rice fields means having more property.

Dreaming of wheat fields means prolonging life.

Dream that the field is flooded and may suffer losses due to flood, so we need to pay special attention.

Dreaming that there are many people farming in the field means that many people take care of their own business. Due to the proper operation, they will have a considerable income.

Dream of selling land, the family will be in a mess, hungry.

Dream of fields, animals and furniture, all efforts will succeed.

Dream of agricultural machinery and fields, go abroad to do business, can make a lot of money.

Dream of idle fields without crops, will encounter difficulties.

Dream of crops, life will be rich.

Dream of planting idle fields, quarrel at home, or quarrel with others.

Dream that many farmers are farming in the fields and want to do big business. Because they can be good at management, they will make a lot of money.

I dreamed that women were working in the fields and were going to get sick.

Dream of farming, good group activities. If you participate in cultural activities, you may be able to serve as the editor in chief of the group's publications, and the members' trust in you will also be improved.

Dream of farming in the countryside, indicating that the wish has come true. Of course, ongoing love will also have results. However, we should love each other with an absolutely unchanged heart. If we think differently, this kind of luck will disappear completely.

Dream of rice everywhere, suggesting that he is rich in money. Maybe your hardworking, serious and honest attitude will be appreciated by your parents, and your monthly allowance will be increased. It's easy to spend money out of control, so pay special attention.

Dream of harvesting rice, you can expect lucky men and women to date, but you must avoid dating in rainy days, because you are likely to encounter traffic accidents.

Dream of the storm sinking the field, it is likely that some unpleasant things will happen. Maybe it's unfortunate to sit with the most annoying teacher in the car.

Dream of operating the planter, may make new friends. The best opportunity is in the classmate's birthday party and other places.

Different people dream of fields

Men and women preparing to get married dream of planting idle fields, and marriage will encounter trouble.

Childless couples dream of a barren land and will have an ugly and lazy child.

Businessmen dream of barren land and lose money in business.

Men dream of buying land, finding a virtuous and beautiful wife, or booming business.

A man's dream of a field flooded by rain indicates that your recent fortune is good, as long as you can resist external temptation and avoid being framed by others.

A woman dreams of a field flooded by rain, which indicates that your career has been hindered recently. Usually pay more attention and store energy before you can implement the new plan.

Singles dream of a field flooded by rain, which indicates that there are variables in your recent relationship. They get along well some time ago, but they will become nervous in the later stage. The idea that has been lurking in the bottom of their heart may become a reality. Remember to be measured and avoid emotional collapse.

Workers dream of a field flooded by rain, which indicates that your recent work luck is good. You have the support of most colleagues. Some unexpected things interfere with your plan. Remember to be mentally prepared and don't rush to promote the implementation of the new plan.

The old man dreamed of a field flooded by rain, which indicates that your recent health status is general. Stimulating diet is easy to cause gastrointestinal discomfort. Pay more attention, maintain a peaceful state of mind and avoid your own mental depression.

Students dream of fields flooded by rain, which indicates that you will no longer work as hard as before in the near future, and there is no way to maintain your level of academic performance.