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Dreaming about housework

  • To dream of cleaning indicates not good interpersonal relationships for you. You'd better try to get along with others amiably and peacefully.
  • To dream of washing clothes means a happy event by chance. For example, you may find your love letters that were previously hidden in the pages and forgotten for long-term happenly when you're tidying up the bookcase……This kind of thing really makes you happy.
  • To dream of changing room furnishings indicates that your love may go wrong. The confidential heterosexual relationship will be made public, and bad things will happen accordingly. You'd better not get the last word, but simply confess.
  • To dream of getting a small reward for helping with the housework indicates that you will get along well with your family.
  • To dream of cooking indicates good luck in love. You may have only a little goodwill to some opposite sex, this feeling will soon develop into love, and you will have ups and downs in love also.