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Dreaming about legs

  • The legs in the dream represent support.
  • To dream that your legs are clean and nice means that you have many loyal friends.
  • To dream that your legs are walking means that you are eager to take a step forward in interpersonal relationships or careers.
  • To dream that your legs are running hints that you want to leave, or you want to escape from something.
  • To dream that your legs are hurt indicates that you will suffer property loss.
  • To dream of your legs failed you indicates that you will encounter economic difficulties and have not enough cash to meet the needs.
  • To dream of your legs hurting indicaets that you may have the opportunity to travel abroad and bring new opportunities for development. Or you will do business abroad and make a big fortune.
  • To dream that the leg is removed means that you will lose the help of friends and you may be abandoned by them.
  • To dream of a naked leg represents sex.
  • To dream of having an artificial leg hints that you are a little selfish and sometimes you will be regardless of the interests of friends and colleagues for your personal interests.
  • To dream of having three or more legs means that you are ambitious or officious.
  • A young woman dreams of praising her legs hints that she is a vain person。 But she'd better be careful not to be cheated by someone else's blandishments.
  • A woman dreams of too many hairs on her arms means that she has a lot of personality and wants to control her husband's life.
  • To dream of very plump legs expresses your sexual desire.
  • To dream of sitting on the opposite sex indicates that you will find the incredible love.
  • To dream of slipping from someone's leg hints that you are likely to lose your original position because of your foolish behavior or fancy.
  • To dream of shooting an arrowa at the legs of others expresses your sexual desire.
  • To dream that you have a hole on the leg represents your fear of sex or repressive desire. If the hole is deep and bloodshed reminds you to pay attention to physical and mental health.
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